Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 111.2 - A white boned spirit (Part 2)

Chapter 111 – A white boned spirit (Part 2)

How to start her business wasn’t very difficult to figure out, she just had to buy the plants that attracted her attention. The problem she actually had to figure out was how to resell her goods once they were in better state.
The best way would naturally be to set up a shop. However, it wasn’t easy to operate a shop, and it also took a lot of time and effort, and Lin Mumu wasn’t willing to spend either.
The flowers’ and bird’s market was really big, and Lin Mumu had already been walking around for half an hour, yet, she still hadn’t finished going through all the shops and stalls. Moreover, it was around 2pm, a hot time for visit.
Fortunately, the market was still thoughtful of the visitors. While strolling around, Lin Mumu discovered there was actually a dessert shop inside!
At this time, professional dessert shops still weren’t fully popular in China. Occasionally, there would some well-known and popular fancy shops in Beijing and other big cities. Almost all of them were in Western-style and mainly had foreign desserts, and the prices were generally also very expensive.
Lin Mumu directly ordered the most common ice-cream scoop the size of a ping-pong ball, and the seller asked her for 40 yuan per scoop. According to the actual price of ice-cream of 1 yuan per scoop, she could normally buy much more pieces.
(TN: I don’t know if this is the price in the future or if the market’s shop’s prices are hiked up since they’re the only ones in the area.)
Lin Mumu complained in her mind while trying to find a seat near the window before eating her ice cream in small mouthfuls. At least, even if the price was expensive, she could at least freeload on the air-conditioning and get her money’s worth.
While she was quietly eating her ice-cream, someone politely sat down just opposite her.
Lin Mumu raised her head and what face her saw a face as white as a ghost’s, with a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl.
Oh. This was a recently popular make-up trend. It was just that the mouth of the girl facing her looked quite big on her pale white face which made her look like a white boned spirit.
(TN: The white boned spirt is apparently used here as person looking like a ghost, not as in the figure of speech I put on the TN below the tittle.)
Since there were many people in the dessert shop at the moment, the place opposite Lin Mumu was one of the rare vacancies, so it was normal for someone to sit down there.
After taking a brief glance, Lin Mumu unconcernedly continued to quietly dig at her ice cream and eat it.
When another person sat down next to the first one, Lin Mumu was too lazy to look. Anyway, she would soon leave after finishing her ice cream.
“I’m tired of strolling around this place. Shall we change places? There are only poor students and retired old people here. It’s too boring, crowded and sweaty.” The white boned spirit suddenly started scattering Jiao. Her voice was so sickly sweet and seductive that Lin Mumu didn’t need to look up to know that the person sitting next to her must be a man.
(TN: Scattering Jiao means to appear lovable, spoiled, tender and delicate. Basically, to speak or act in a seductive and lovable manner. there’s another expression “selling Meng” which means to act cute and adorable.)