Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 112.1 - Someone is treating (Part 1)

Chapter 112 – Someone is treating (Part 1)

Lin Mumu raised her head again and looked at the woman a little distracted.
No wonder Lin Mumu would be so distracted. The makeup of the elder sister on the opposite side was just too exaggerated. Who gave her courage to apply such a red lipstick on her huge lips? When she opened and closed her mouth while talking, it made people feel like that person’s mouth was dripping blood.
Oh, so this is was people considered sex-appeal. It’s a pity that that Lin Mumu belonged to the poor students’ category, so she unfortunately didn’t understand this type of aesthetic sense.
The man who sat next to her appeared to be bad tempered and ruthlessly slapped the woman in the face before coldly telling her:
Was there a free play to watch?
Lin Mumu innocently blinked her eyes at the people in front of her. At least, she could report some gossip to her master.
Actually, the white boned spirit looked quite beautiful. She had a unique sexiness that belonged to mature women, which was emphasized by her dress with thin straps and an extremely short skirt. She was also wearing black stockings and needle high-heels. With her heavy makeup and outfit, she seemed like the type that was popular with men.
In front of her, Lin Mumu really looked like a primary school student.
“Young master Xing, I know my wrong.” The woman quickly sat back down and cleverly rubbed against the man’s arm in a coquettish way while appealing to him with a sweet and greasy voice: “Wherever you like to go, I’ll go with you.”
“I told you to get out of here, don’t you understand?” The man’s voice was utterly cold as he took out a paper towel to wipe the white powder from the woman’s makeup off his hands.
The woman’s face turned a little ugly, but she couldn’t bear to leave, so she still tried acting coquettish.
“Throw her out!” Xing Shao sneered.
At his order, two people in black suits suddenly appeared in front of them. They effortlessly held up the girl from the sides, and then, they really took her to the shop’s entrance before ruthlessly throwing her out.
Through the glass window, Lin Mumu could see that the woman only got up after a long time. She barely made a few steps before suddenly falling down again. It seemed like her high-heels broke, and her dress was also torn in some places. In the end, when she left, she was an utter mess.
“Pfff.” Lin Mumu couldn’t help laughing out loud at the sight.
After laughing out loud, she suddenly reacted. The other party seemed to be now paying attention to her. Would she be unexpectedly implicated even if she was just calmly watching the show?