Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 114.2 - We’ll meet again (Part 2)

Chapter 114 – We’ll meet again (Part 2)
She could see that Hong Xiaoling really loved these plants, and in order to find them a new home, she would rather give up on her own interests to find a good host for her currently unpopular succulent plants.
This kind of devotion and feelings really made one a little moved.
“Senior Hong, you can rest assured, I’ll do my best to take care of these plants and keep them in the shop. When you come back to China a few years later, maybe you can See them again.
At that moment, you can only look at them and regret.” Lin Mumu’s voice was bright and full of confidence.
Looking at the pure and lovely little girl in front of her exuding such a confident and experienced aura, Hong Xiaoling couldn’t help nodding in satisfaction, and she no longer harbored any doubts because of her young age.
“Sister Hong, can I take this pot home first?” with her white and slender finger, Lin Mumu innocently pointed to a pot containing a bare branch with only a few leaves threatening to fall before she could pass the door.
“I didn’t expect you would have such a good eye.” Hong Xiaoling nodded:
“En, I’ll just give you this one, whether our business is successful or not. As for the plants you can’t manage to raise properly, I’ll let you manage your own business.”
Lin Mumu smiled sweetly showing her two pointy canines. Afterwards she simply left the shop carrying her small succulent pot and happily left the flowers’ and birds’ market.
However, once she left the market, she felt like someone was watching her, and when she turned around, she her eyes met with a provocative and angry glare.
The woman from the dessert shop? She had now taken off her exaggerated makeup, especially the bright red lipstick. Unexpectedly, she turned out to be looking more charming and mature with her delicate facial features, and appeared overall much more beautiful than before.
However, Lin Mumu didn’t feel like they had any business together, so she simply turned around to push her bike towards the street after putting her flowerpot in the bicycle’s basket.
“Little sister, would you like me to take you home? My car is just over there.” Unexpectedly, the woman followed her and even approached her to talk.
“No need.” Lin Mumu expressionlessly shook her head. “We have different paths.”
“He, how pure and fresh are you? I once used to be even more pure and refreshing.” The woman smiled disdainfully, “We’ll meet again.”