Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 115.1 - Starting a business together (Part 1)

Chapter 115 – Starting a business together (Part 1)
Lin Mumu didn’t like the feeling that woman gave her. But seeing as she went to her car without further action, Lin Mumu simply stopped thinking about it and rode her bike back to school.
When she left, she could feel the woman’s gaze on her for a long time as she leaned on a red sports car. It wasn’t a provocative glare but a pitying gaze.
Since Yun Ting wasn’t home, Lin Mumu didn’t feel like going back there, so she simply decided to live in the school dorm for the time being.
When she came back, she first dropped by the bamboo tower of the religious department and put down her new flowerpot looked especially pitiful with its single branch with only two leaves left hanging. The difference was particularly striking when her pot was compared to Professor Lin’s noble and proud orchids.
Afterwards, Lin Mumu went back to her dorm room and took An Xiaoqin, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan to eat hot pot at the restaurant by the school gate.
Lin Mumu had a true love for hotpot because it was a single dish that had a lot of meat and where you could easily add as much vegetables as you liked.
The four people asked for a small private room and sat down.
“Yuanyuan, did you start a tutoring part-time job?” Lin Mumu asked curiously, “How much does it pay per hour?”
“25.” After briefly talking about the events following the military training, the four people had nothing more to say. But Liu Yuanyuan, who was quiet in front of outsiders but talked more to acquaintances, immediately enabled the conversation mode:
“I really want to thank Mumu and Xiaoqin this time. My grandma found out that she had a tumor, but fortunately, the operation was performed early. The doctor said that, had it been six months later, they wouldn’t have been able to save her.
Xiaoqin, I’ll consider the money your brother gave me as borrowed from you. I will definitely return it to you later.”
“Good.” An Xiaoqin casually nodded her head.
They all knew that Liu Yuanyuan had strong self-esteem, and it was only because Lin Mumu thought of an ingenious way to give her money that she accepted it. Otherwise, she definitely wouldn’t have accepted it under any circumstance.
“Yuanyuan, I bought a shop in the flowers’ and birds’ market. Rather than tutoring, you can come and help me watch over the shop. It’s not as exhausting as tutoring, and it’s also 25 per hour.” Lin Mumu suddenly spoke out