Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 115.2 - Starting a business together (Part 2)

Chapter 115 – Starting a business together (Part 2)
“Ok!” Liu Yuanyuan didn’t even wait for Lin Mumu to finish before agreeing. Tutoring took a lot of time and mental effort, and she still needed to use transportation. However, the flowers’ and birds’ market was close to school, and even belonged to Lin Mumu.
“Good, I’ll give you a commission for everything we sell in this shop. The starting income may be average, but you will certainly not suffer any losses in the future.” Lin Mumu greedily stared at the meat being cooked in the hotpot while explaining her business.
“Classmate Lin Mumu, you’re not planning on selling your master’s orchids in your store, are you? The pot of jade spring orchid my father bought a while ago didn’t look as good as yours yet it cost 8000 yuan!”
“I won’t sell my master’s plants, but I have other good products. If local tyrant An wants to buy any type of flowers, just look for my store and I’ll make sure to give you the best.”
“En.” Lin Mumu nodded.
“in that case, give me a pot of Xiangshan red autumnal leaves first. In another month, it will certainly become even more popular.”
“Alright, I’ll keep an eye open to find you one.” Lin Mumu continue to watch her meat.
“Hello? Classmate Lin Mumu, will you really remember? Don’t ignore a customer for food!”
“I’m afraid I can’t remember, just leave me a message.”
“Are you really the big boss of a store?” An Xiaoqin resignedly began to help Lin Mumu cook her meat silently.
Who let Lin Mumu’s restaurant choices taste so delicious? Even if An Xiaoqin wanted to keep her figure and didn’t dare eat much by herself, just watching Lin Mumu greedily gobbling her food made her mouth watery.
“Boss Lin Mumu, I’m also poor, and I also need to work and study.” Chen Fangya said in pathetic voice.
“En, I cannot do without you. My identity is a little sensitive, and if someone knew, I’m afraid it could affect Yun Ting. So I’ll borrow your ID card and use it to operate the shop under your name, and you’ll help me operate it. Let’s sell a lot of fleshy succulent plants on the campus website.”
“Fleshy succulents?”
“A lovely kind of potted plants.”
“I, I, I also want to work and study! I don’t have enough pocket money!” An Xiaoqin wasn’t willing to be left out and felt lonely.