Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 116.1 - Lin Mumu’s ‘unscrupulous businessman’ mode (Part 1)

Chapter 116 – Lin Mumu’s ‘unscrupulous businessman’ mode (Part 1)
In the end, Lin Mumu simply divided the shares of her store. Since she was the one with the largest amount of money and goods invested, she got most of the share while giving Chen Fangya, An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan 5% each.
The reason they trusted her so much was because Lin Mumu really had the talent of defying the heavens in the aspect of plant raising. The half dead branch she took home the day before quickly recovered overnight under her meticulous care.
Before that, she had also taken care of many dying orchids in terrible states, and yet was able to make them recover overnight.
Another example of her talent would be the Yu Tang Chun (Jade spring plant) mentioned by An Xiaoqin. The almost dying branches of the plant, under Lin Mumu’s care, quickly came back to life and she was even able to divide some parts in order to bread even more plants of the same type. Lin Mumu really had a talent, and the means she used obviously defied logic and the rules of nature, but the plants she created or treated didn’t suffer any secondary effects later.
In other words, she could easily divide a plant in a hundred other without much trouble, and she could probably divide them into even more plants, maybe three thousand or even five thousand.
Now that there were people willing to help, Lin Mumu naturally wouldn’t easily let them go.
“Great beautiful lady An, please help me with publicity. If there are any precious flowers and plants in bad states or that suffered damage, we’ll accept them all. However, the price should be at least five hundred. I don’t charge my skills cheaply.”
“Five hundred? This expensive?” Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan were both stunned and felt like the world was really mysterious. Was it more expensive to cure flowers and plants than to cure people? The current salary of ordinary employees in Beijing was only two or Three thousand a month.
“En, alright, you just need to manage them well later.” An Xiaoqin immediately understood her intentions, “Even if you asked people for five thousand, I’m sure the wealthy plant lovers of Beijing would be willing to pay once they’re convinced by your skills. I’ll try to convince them of the potential of our store so that they’ll leave their beloved plants in our care, and they can later get them back once we’ve ridiculously increased their prices.”
“Good.” Lin Mumu nodded, after all, she couldn’t possibly take care of everything. An Xiaoqin’s idea seemed more reasonable.
“The shop management will be handed over to Yuanyuan. Yuanyuan, When the moment comes, you’ll go to the work office and find two more diligent people to help with looking over the shop. It’d be the best if they could do a bit of overtime on some days. Senior Hong has an aunt there who had been looking after the shop, I wonder if she would be willing to stay behind when we’re in school so that there’s always staff present.”