Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 117.1 - Later, I’ll raise you (Part 1)

Chapter 117 – Later, I’ll raise you (Part 1)
(TN: raising someone and keeping someone has approximately the same meaning, you take care of the person’s very need with the said person needing to do anything. It’s usually a derogatory way to talk about rich men ‘keeping’ or ‘raising’ mistresses outside.)
Afterwards, as if there was no other important matter at hand, Lin Mumu solely engrossed herself in eating. After all, she already had set a general plan for her business; the fleshy succulent plants were strong but she wouldn’t be able to sell them for the moment. So, at first, she could only casually sell small common sprouts in order to acquire stock to resell at a profit, so these ordinary sales would be completely handed over to Liu Yuanyuan and Chen Fangya.
Lin Mumu would be responsible for making the expensive breeds of orchids, peonies, and green bamboos. Oh right, there was also the Xiangshan autumnal red leaves mentioned by An Xiaoqin, which were also a good type of bonsai that many shops have begun introducing to the market lately.
In terms of purchasing channels, Hong Xiaoling also left several reliable contact information for Lin Mumu to use.
What followed was naturally Chen Fangya’s passionate discussion.
According to Lin Mumu’s expected skills and talent in raising plants, they shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to sell the succulent plants, rather, the problem would be that Lin Mumu wouldn’t accept the money once it was delivered.
After all, as Lin Mumu said, all the work involving planting and arising would be done by herself.
Lin Mumu’s talent in raising flowers into beautiful and healthy plants was obvious through the various orchids her master entrusted her with in the bamboo tower and the flowers she cared for in her own courtyard house.
However, they were still ignorant over Lin Mumu’s ‘magical powers’ and how powerful the plants she raised were.
But at the moment, it was still just the beginning of their project. They should buy the shop first and settle down. Hong Xiaoling’s decoration was quite tasteful, so they could save a considerable sum of decoration costs. However, the name of the shop needs to be changed.
“Boss Lin Mumu, what’s our shop going to be called?” Chen Fangya urgently asked Lin Mumu.
“You can choose a name, I don’t have anything particular in mind.” Lin Mumu really had no idea what to name the store.
An Xiaoqin laughed and made fun of Lin Mumu: “You’re being that casual about it?”
In the end, Chen Fangya thought about it for a while and suggested: “How about using our dorm room’s number, 405? It’s simple and easy to remember.”
The new name of the store was immediately approved unanimously.
After they were finished eating the hot pot, Lin Mumu happily sent a message to Yun Ting in a good mood, and dutifully reported how his little wife had spent a lot of money today.