Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 117.2 - Later, I’ll raise you (Part 2)

Chapter 117 – Later, I’ll raise you (Part 2)
However, Lin Mumu didn’t expect that as soon as her message was sent, she soon got another from the bank saying: “Your account has received a transfer of three million yuan from Mr. Yun Ting.”
Right after that also came Yun Ting’s message: “Handing out the private money so that the wife can eat as much as she pleases.”
Even if she could eat a lot, Lin Mumu couldn’t possibly eat three million’s worth of food on her own. However, Yun Ting’s money came at the right time, so Lin Mumu naturally wouldn’t refuse it. She cheerfully smiled and instantly texted him:
“Can you still afford to raise me?”
The money that Yun Ting had given her before on her card was just enough to buy the shop and a lot of meat to eat. However, if she Later wanted to do any expenses or purchases, she would need to save money for it. But now that she had this three million investment, Lin Mumu felt that the future was looking more promising.
As for whatever her master often taught her about ‘not to use men’s money’, Lin Mumu preferred relying on her own judgment.
In any case, she had already married him and determined that their relationship would last for a lifetime, so wasn’t all his money hers as well? After all, wasn’t she also his?
“I can’t afford it. It seems like husband need to earn more money to feed his foodie wife.”
“I don’t have the ability to eat that much! Don’t worry, I’m currently making money. Just wait for a bit, in another year, I will be the one raising you.” Lin Mumu complacently revealed her goal.
“En, when work hard so that you’ll be able to raise me. I usually eat very little and I can also serve you.” Yun Ting seemed to be in a good mood, so he sent Lin Mumu more messages.
Texting this much made Lin Mumu want to hear Yun Ting’s voice, however, he didn’t call her, so it should be inconvenient for him at the moment. Naturally, ignoring the situation at his side, Lin Mumu didn’t take the initiative to call him either.
It seems that Yun Ting’s task this time is more special than the previous times, so Lin Mumu couldn’t help being a little worried.
No, everything will be fine.
Yun Ting was so strong he was the special forces’ trump card. Otherwise, being only twenty-two years old, how could he be awarded the title of major general.
Moreover, Lin Mumu could see the aura and Qi emanating from people. She could clearly see that Yun Ting had a rich and strong purple colored Qi that repelled every evil and prevented malicious things from getting any closer to him.
Smart people with supernatural abilities wouldn’t waste their time provoking Yun Ting. As for the people using guns and weapons, those also wouldn’t be able to move him.