Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 118 - Female lead (Part 1)

Chapter 118 – Female lead (Part 1)
On the night that Yun Ting was supposed to leave, Lin Mumu had already put her protective wooden amulet into the marriage certificate he usually kept on him. Lin Mumu knew that he may not take many things with him, but she was sure that he would definitely take his marriage certificate along with him.
With her talisman, evil spirits and poisonous insects wouldn’t dare approaching him.
After filling her mind with thought concerning Yun Ting’s safety and his current situation for a while, Lin Mumu instantly felt much more relieved.
The next morning, Lin Mumu operated with high efficiency. After taking a public English class at university, she directly went to sign the transfer of ownership contract with Hong Xiaoling, together with Chen Fangya, An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan who now also owned a percentage of shares.
Afterwards, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan went to order another plaque with the new name of the store. Meanwhiles, An Xiaoqin took the Xiangshan bonsai plant that Lin Mumu had given her that morning and left to get ready for her trip back home in order to earn a profit from her grandfather.
Lin Mumu’s seller price was unexpectedly a little high, and that little branch with two leaves actually cost 8000 yuan. However, Lin Mumu also promised An Xiaoqin that the plant would grow well as long as it was maintained properly. She also promised that if there was anything wrong with it later, they could bring it to her for consultation and treatment. In case they can’t maintain it properly alter, they can also visit her for help.
This kind of after sales service made An Xiaoqin full of confidence in her upcoming profit. Her grandfather had a magical ability of destroying plants, however, he simply loved to ‘buy buy buy’. But how could he develop feelings for any of them like this?
As for Lin Mumu, while the rest of her partners were busy with their own things, she also busied herself with recording the inventory of the existing succulent plants, and carefully began taking leaves and branches to replant them in other pots and grow more succulent plants.
By cutting off a single leaf and replanting it she could make a whole new plant, however, the sprout of the new plant was still smaller than her thumb.
Nonetheless, Lin Mumu was confident that when her first batch of seedlings would be successfully cultivated, they would definitely become extremely popular with the students in University.