Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 120.2 - Setting the trend (Part 2)

Chapter 120 – Setting the trend (Part 2)
“That’s right.” Chen Fangya nodded: “Although we won’t make much money selling cute fleshy succulents daily, we’ll be able to do business for a long time.”
“As long as the sales volume goes up, we should be able to earn a lot more. When that time comes, I will also start cultivating some leaf cuttings in the courtyard house. The place here in the store is still quite small.” Lin Mumu was very confident in her decision and was sure their business would definitely become successful.
“I have to say that curing plants and raising them is Lin Mumu’s own skill and ability, so this can’t be counted as our shop’s business. We can’t let Lin Mumu eat a loss, so the money Lin Mumu receives from this shouldn’t be included in the general ledger. ” An Xiaoqin came up with this suggestion based on her business understanding.
“I agree. We would already earn enough money just by raising the succulent plants and selling the pots and soil ourselves.” Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan both agreed to An Xiaoqin’s suggestion and deemed it very reasonable.
Lin Mumu didn’t want to make too many calculations between them in this business, but thinking about it, doing so also had its own reasons and benefits. If she suddenly made too much money by curing flowers and plants from diseases, the shop would be overflowing with profit overnight, and it seemed like the four of them would lose the fun and motivation of freshly starting a business together.
As for the sickly and pitiful plants, Lin Mumu didn’t rush to water them, but first decided to change soil, trim them and cut off the rotten and sick parts, and then slowly played with each plant individually.
Lin Mumu knew that if she was in a hurry or urgent need, she could bring these plants back to the peak of their condition almost immediately. However, she wouldn’t naively do such a thing but she had always learnt to protect herself.
If she suddenly collected this much money from instantly curing plants, people would think she was an ill-natured person with a black heart that collected a lot of many for an ability that worked that easily. Therefore, she should take at least ten days to half a month to slowly nurse the plants back to health.
Moreover, some of these plants were rare and precious varieties that were rarely seen on the market. Lin Mumu wanted to take advantage of the treatment period and transplant a small seedling of each of them into another pot to keep them for herself.
Unfortunately, orchids and peonies were more difficult to transplant than succulent plants, so she had to let them grow more twigs before she could start her ‘plant stealing’ operation.
The most fortunate thing was Lin Mumu really loved doing all these tasks, so she really enjoyed spending her time with plants.