Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 121.1 - A star at the doorstep (Part 1)

Chapter 121 – A star at the doorstep (Part 1)

The small market shop gathered the passion and enthusiasm of the four female students, and almost all they time after class was spent in the “405” plant store.
It only took a few days for Chen Fangya’s post on the school forum to become a hot post, and the fame of their little shop also steadily increased in a straight line. In a single day, they could now sell more than 500 pieces of small succulent seedlings, as well as countless pots, soil, decorations and so on.
However, the most excited one among them was Chen Fangya because she had a commission on every sale she made. Although the amount of each sale wasn’t much, when everything totaled up, the final amount couldn’t be considered little.
“It’s almost magical how a single leaf could sprout into a little seedling! Lin Mumu, could you teach us how to cut and plant leaves to turn them into new plants?” Liu Ting, another shop assistant in the store, was very curious about Lin Mumu’s craftsmanship as it seemed simply magical.
“Liu Ting, don’t go too far!” Liu Yuanyuan was a little angry. Liu Ting was also a fellow freshman at Yanda whom she knew while she was working as a tutor. Since she saw how hardworking and studious she was, she decided to pull her along to help out at the store.
However, she didn’t expect Liu Ting to have so much ability. After spending only a few days at the store, she was already asking Lin Mumu to teach her the craftsmanship.
Who would have thought that Lin Mumu would really carelessly abide by her request? She actually started demonstrating her skills on the spot:
“Alright, you can watch how I do it. However, I won’t let you practice yet. These older plants are expensive, so I can’t afford to lose them. If you want to practice, you can wait until you grow your own plant and then break its leaves to slowly practice replanting them. “
Lin Mumu didn’t hide anything during the whole process and carefully cut and cleaned up the leaves in front of her to put them on a dish so they could wait for them to take root and germinate.
The whole process of rooting and sprouting didn’t need her interference, and everyone in the store could witness every day, including the customers who came to buy things.
However, this time, she didn’t stir the water with her fingers as she usually did, and just went through the normal process, which would take a much longer time to produce any sprout.