Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 121.2 - A star at the doorstep (Part 2)

Chapter 121 – A star at the doorstep (Part 2)

Fortunately, Senior Hong Xiaoling had left a huge stock base before leaving, so Lin Mumu refused to sell those older plants, which would be used to fully support their current supply and make more plants.
“Yuanyuan, just arrange a course on leaf planting and post it on the Internet. If someone else has time and can come help out at the store, you can also give them directions on how to do it. However, this kind of skill depends on each individual’s ability. The success rate of beginners is generally not very high, so they can just casually play with their plants until they succeed.”
Liu Ting was now a little embarrassed about asking Lin Mumu to demonstrate her craft. She didn’t expect that Lin Mumu would so generous and really show it to them. How could she expect that she would go as far as sharing it on the internet? At the moment she was a bit confused over how to react and didn’t really understand what was happening.
However, Lin Mumu silently noted in her heart that Liu Ting wasn’t someone they could continue to use.
Her willingness to share was one thing, but Liu Ting’s impure intentions were a whole other matter.

“I want all the plants in this store.” At the store’s doorstep, an enchanting voice suddenly sounded.
“I’m sorry, in order to prevent malicious consumption, we have a limit on the purchase of succulent plants, with a maximum of ten for each person. If it’s for and extra purchase, we’ll double the price of every ten plants.” Lin Mumu raised their head and instantly recognized the white boned spirit’s face.
“Little sister, we meet again. Let me introduce myself, my name is Lili, I’m an actress. ” The woman seductively winked at Lin Mumu.
But before Lin Mumu could react, she immediately heard excited screams all around them.
“Lili, Lili!”
“She’s Lilli! The actress who got popular after playing that imperial concubine last year!”
“God, it’s really Lili! I actually personally met the one and only Lili!”
“Lili is so beautiful! Look at her legs, so long and slender, it really wasn’t Photoshopped.”
“Lili, I love you!”
The crowd crazily burst into excited shouts.
The truth was Lili had a very sexy and flirtatious kind of beauty that Lin Mumu may not often come around.
But Lin Mumu wasn’t old-fashioned. She naturally knew how to use makeup to become prettier. But Lili’s makeup was too heavy to her taste as it completely covered her original appearance, resulting in an extremely pale face with bloody red lips.
In Lin Mumu’s opinion, if Lili didn’t put on any makeup, she would have looked much more beautiful since that woman actually had a good foundation.