Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 122.1 - Smash everything (Part 1)

Chapter 122 – Smash everything (Part 1)
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“Should we have a chat?” Lili looked at Lin Mumu with contemptuous eyes and a mocking smile.
“No. I said we’re different.” Lin Mumu probably guessed why she came, so she didn’t bother talking to her.
Who knew that Lili wouldn’t care whether Lin Mumu was willing or not? While there were still many people gathered at the shop’s doorstep, she directly started talking to Lin Mumu:
“I’ll be frank. I was entrusted by Director Lu to rely his request. Please come to be the heroine of our upcoming movie. The last time I met him, Director Lu said he called to invite you and you told him you would think about it. Did you make up your mind?”
“What’s there to think about? I’ve already declined, and I’m not going to think about it any further.” Lin Mumu decisively shook her head, leaving no room for any other interpretation of her words.
People were really strange. The world was so big, yet they couldn’t find a single heroine to play in their movie? How could this woman even rush over to request her to play?
“Don’t pretend to be so grand and noble. Don’t you just want to raise the price? How much can you make every day by selling weeds in a broken flower shop? Aren’t you just a mistress relying on Xing Shao’s face? Don’t be so shameless!”
Who would have thought that the popular female star Lili would be so rude, and even point her finger at Lin Mumu and start shouting.
“Will you leave by yourself or do you want me to call the police?” Lin Mumu helplessly looked at Lili.
“Call the police? Who are you scaring? Don’t pretend to be so innocent when you’re pitch black inside. If you didn’t sleep with him, how could someone like you be appointed to play the female led in such an important production?”
Lili had also brought over two of her men. After a sneer, she casually waved her hand:
“Smash everything! I’ve already bought all the potted plants in this shop. It’s not against the law for me to smash my own flowers.”
Liu Yuanyuan’s eyes were red as she helplessly wanted to stop the two thugs. However, she was a little girl without any strength, so the thugs quickly threw her away when she approached.