Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 122.2 - Smash everything (Part 2)

Chapter 122 – Smash everything (Part 2)
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Fortunately, Lin Mumu had good reflexes and quickly caught her. She didn’t care much about the petty actions of Lili in the first place and focused on helping Liu Yuanyuan.
“We naturally welcome business, and all the customers need to meet this demand. Yuanyuan and Liu Ting, take pictures and register the things in the shop so that we can let miss Lili settle the bill.”
“Good.” Liu Yuanyuan pressed the fire of rage burning in her heart and immediately started taking photos with her camera.
Last time, An Xiaoqin took her big brother’s digital camera to take pictures of the succulent plants, and since then, it’s been kept in the shop all the time. Now that it was needed, it was very useful.
“Where’s Liu Ting?” Only now did Lin Mumu realize Liu Ting was gone.
“She said she had a stomachache and went to the bathroom.” Liu Yuanyuan helplessly answered. Even ghost wouldn’t believe such a puny excuse.
The one helping Liu Yuanyuan registering the plants ended up being sister Zhou, who had watched over Hong Xiaoling’s shop for two years, and was re-employed by Lin Mumu to watch over the shop when they were at school.
The store was very noisy, but Lin Mumu’s ringtone still managed to sound out.
Looking at the name of the caller, Lin Mumu answered the phone with some puzzlement.
“Mumu, don’t be scared.” Yun Ting’s urgent voice instantly came from the other end of the phone: “I’ll quickly find someone to deal with this. You just find a place to hide, don’t make trouble with them.”
Lin Mumu was a little stupefied. Wasn’t he currently on a task? How could he be free enough to care about her daily trifles?
“Mumu, are you ok?” While Lin Mumu was still in a trance, Yun Ting got even more anxious not hearing her voice.
“I’m OK. I’ve made a big business deal today. I’m in a good mood.” There was a light smile in Lin Mumu’s voice.
“Nonsense!” Yun Ting obviously knew what was going on there: “Gu Qi, the third young master Gu I’ve told you about last time, is currently bringing someone over. Don’t care about anything, just leave it to him.”
Who could casually bully his, Yun Ting’s, wife?
“En, don’t bother. Just introduce me to a reliable lawyer. I’ve done such a big business deal today, so I’m afraid that people won’t pay me the due money. “