Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 123.1 - Have a great time smashing (Part 1)

Chapter 123 – Have a great time smashing (Part 1)
As they talked, Lin Mumu’s mood was getting better and better. Thinking about it, she hadn’t heard Yun Ting’s voice for several days already. Now that she could hear it again, even though it was only on the phone, she still felt a kind of unspeakable peace of mind.
“The next time you run into trouble, remember to call me immediately, got it?” Yun Ting’s voice sounded somewhat serious and grave.
“Oh.” Do you think it’s easy for my calls to reach you? Lin Mumu was a ridiculing him in her mind, but she didn’t dare speak out her thoughts, afraid of stimulate Yun Ting’s anger and anxiousness further.
Her man was directly appointed by the country and dispatched on a very important mission, which was naturally a great honor. Even if he couldn’t answer his phone for a while, Lin Mumu could understand.
Besides, she, Lin Mumu, wasn’t a little defenseless flower in a greenhouse. The reason she opened her flower shop in the first place was to make money and help Yun Ting solving his worries, and not to cause him even more trouble.
Unexpectedly, Yun Ting seemed to have used his mind reading skills and correctly guessed what Lin Mumu was thinking. He couldn’t help but relax his tone with a little helplessness:
“If you can’t get through and reach me, you can call old third, old fourth or old fifth. I’ll send you their contact numbers. They are brothers with whom I share life and death friendships, and they are much more reliable than the Yun family.”
“Ok, ok.” How come she felt like she got another nagging master. “Gu Qi might be calling any moment now, so I’ll hang up first. Yun Ting, I’m really alright, just believe in me. “
After Lin Mumu hung up the phone, she quietly looked at it and waited for Gu Qi’s name to appear and instantly answered the call.
Compared with Yun Ting’s ‘mother-in-law’ nagging, his third brother Gu Qi was much more efficient and direct. He didn’t even exchange greetings before going straight into the subject:
“Sister-in-law, I still need about 15 minutes before I arriving. Meanwhiles, be careful not to come into conflict with each other.”
“I’m fine, you don’t need to come. Just call me a lawyer over here.”
“A lawyer, right? OK, I’ll over call lawyer Yao from Tiancheng. ” Gu Qi and Lin Mumu hadn’t even met yet, but as soon as they finished talking about business, they immediately hang up.
Just now, Lin Mumu went to a further remote corner to talk to Yun Ting at peace. But now, she was a little worried about Liu Yuanyuan and sister Zhou suffering a loss, so she decided to go over and take a look at the situation.