Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 123.2 - Have a great time smashing (Part 2)

Chapter 123 – Have a great time smashing (Part 2)
As expected, the situation outside was only getting worse. Lili sure had a lot of helpers. At first, there were only two people. But now, there were six young men dresses in imposing black suits standing outside the store. No matter how you looked at it, they looked no different from underworld thugs.
Fortunately, sister Zhou was still holding on. Liu Yuanyuan still wanted to fight back, but she knew that she was no match for so many strong people, so she could only keep on mindlessly taking pictures of everything without stopping.
Lili saw Lin Mumu reappearing from the inside and immediately challenged her with a haughty and mocking tone: “Classmate Lin Mumu, how is it? How do you feel now? Are you very sullen to see your place smashed?
Just come to be the female lead of our movie. As long as you play the role, I will play the supporting role for you. In the cast, you’ll be the boss, and you’ll be able to do anything you want.
How is it? Do you want to come? “
Seeking the initiative to oppress and tyrannize? In order to recruit her as their female lead, they sure had to work hard.
Unfortunately, Lin Mumu didn’t believe in good luck. The thing she was most sure about is that if there were any abnormalities, there must definitely be demons hiding behind them. Although playing the female leading role seemed like a good opportunity, there wasn’t necessarily anything good behind it.
Lili’s little play was a very good way to attack indirectly and psychologically pressure someone into doing as she wished. If she was really a simple female student who wasn’t very familiar with the world and was ruthlessly bullied like this, her first thought would definitely be to fight back and compete with her on her grounds.
However, contrary to expectations, Lin Mumu calmly shook her head and replied: “I’ve already told you; we are different. Here is the flower and bird market, and the flowers and plants you’ve just bought, whether you want to smash them or not, is your freedom.
I simply opened my store to do business and collect money. Miss Lili must feel happy and have a great time smashing now, but I’m just afraid that you’ll be in debt when comes the time to pay.”
“How could this broken flower shop possibly faze me?” Lili was somewhat stunned. She could have never imagined that Lin Mumu’s character would be so strong and resistant. It seemed like Xing Shao really liked playing with this kind of simple and pure type that was stubborn and strong to the bone.