Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 124.1 - Uncle Gou (Part 1)

Chapter 124 – Uncle Gou (Part 1)
However, what made Lili even more depressed was the unexpected imposing manner and loftiness of Lin Mumu. Somehow, she got the feeling of a pressuring momentum and was unexplainably intimidated by that little female student.
Actors and actresses, especially those that are accustomed to playing leading roles, usually pay close attention to their opponent’s aura. If they are unconsciously influenced by the other party’s aura while performing, their performance will instantly become unsightly.
Lili had already mixed with Xing Shao’s diversified circle for the past 10 years, and she played the female leading role in a lot of movies and productions, yet, she successfully controlled her feelings and never let herself be emotionally stirred by her co-actors.
However, she would have never expected that someday, she would be intimidated by the imposing manner of an unremarkable little female student who’s not even that good-looking, whose legs aren’t that long and who’s breast size doesn’t even exceed a C cup.
While Lin Mumu and Lili were still facing each other, strong and lofty shout suddenly rang out outside the store:
“Enough! What ability do you few men have to smash some female students’ little shop?”
Afterwards, a loud thud sounded and the several tall men in black suits were thrown out one by one.
Once these people were thrown out, they all stood up and left in a hurry, desperately running for their lives.
None dared to stay after they saw the several big and vicious dogs of different violent breeds that chased them with clear attacking intent.
This scene was really awesome!
Lin Mumu herself was stunned by how things developed to this state.
After all the thugs were thrown out, the dogs’ owner finally appeared. He was an ordinary looking middle-aged man, pushing his own wheelchair and calmly walking towards Lin Mumu.
After a single sharp whistle, the dozen big dogs chasing the thugs outside instantly came back to his side obediently wagging their tails and happily surrounding the middle-aged man with fawning expressions.
“Uncle Gou, thank you.” With a single glance, Lin Mumu instantly recognized the man as the owner of the nearby pet shop, uncle Gou. (TN: ‘Gou’ means dog, so I don’t know if she’s calling him uncle dog or if his name is Gou and it’s a joke by the author XD)
Previously, when Lin Mumu had just opened her store for business, she went to send candy to several nearby stores in order to express goodwill and meet the neighbor bosses to chat and introduce herself. And that’s when she met uncle Gou.
At that time, with her special eye sight, Lin Mumu could see that both evil spirit and righteous spirit coexisted in this man. Although he didn’t have the same strong purple Qi protecting Yun Ting of evil, he also had a very special constitution, so he must be a veteran and someone with great abilities.