Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 127.1 - Yun Shao said that you can wait for him to return to have a chat (Part 1)

Chapter 127 – Yun Shao said that you can wait for him to return to have a chat (Part 1)
By this time, Gu Qi had also finished making his phone calls and just happened to hear their conversation. When he learned all the scheming involved, he couldn’t help giving Lin Mumu a second look.
Where is the young and naïve female student that just came out of the mountains his second brother spoke of?
He wouldn’t believe it even he was beaten to death!
However, Lin Mumu still continued laughing like a harmless little rabbit and asked innocently: “Lawyer Yao, do you think this kind of evidence is ok?”
“En, there shouldn’t be any problem in the process, however, the amount you’re asking for is a bit too much. Your little plant shop is actually claiming 60 million yuan for a bunch of random plants. We have never taken over this kind of case in our law firm, and I’ve also never heard of something similar in the whole industry.” Lawyer Yao still tried to kindly remind Lin Mumu that her intentions were too black-hearted and her goal was unrealistic.
“There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?” Lin Mumu may look and act harmless, however, she was particularly shrewd and clear headed:
“As a matter of facts, I’m not only fighting for my family’s plant shop, but also for my love and passion. Every plant embodies the effort and sweat of the former shopkeeper Hong Xiaoling, and also our youthful hopes for the future and our meaningful first business experience. Moreover, don’t people say that life is priceless? Plants are also considered a life, aren’t they?”
This way of deception with a deadpan expression simply made one speechless!
(TN: Deadpan face = keeping expression straight, serious, solemn, without batting an eyelid.)
Even lawyer Yao was a little moved by Lin Mumu’s emotional speech. However, he still had some reservations about the potential success of the case with these nonsensical arguments. After all, if he were to lose such a case, even their Tiancheng law firm’s reputation will suffer the consequences.
Should he really take up the case? Just now, he heard President Gu calling Lin Mumu second sister-in-law, so, would it be really alright not to take it?
On the other side, while lawyer Yao was struggling to make his mind, Lin Mumu wasn’t the least bit worried. She patiently soaked the both of them in her twisted arguments mixing rights and wrongs, and quietly waited for lawyer Yao and Gu Qi’s replies after pouring them each a cup of warm water.
After all, Lin Mumu wasn’t the kind of person to quietly bear bullying without gaining any benefit. If Gu Qi couldn’t get it done, she would simply directly seek Yun Ting’s help.
She wasn’t particularly trying to be aggressive and unreasonable, however, Lili was one of those people that would never stop bothering you unless you taught them a harsh lesson. If she relented this time again, Lili might come again to cause her trouble and stick to her like a fly.