Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 127.2 - Yun Shao said that you can wait for him to return to have a chat (Part 2)

Chapter 127 – Yun Shao said that you can wait for him to return to have a chat (Part 2)
In the end, Gu Qi was the first to break the heavy silence by saying: “Lawyer Yao, I don’t think there’s any problem in the process or arguments. Please help us go through the documents and take up this case. We’ll simply follow the legal procedures and abide by the law.
I’ll take the opportunity to pass by and greet Xing Shao. I’d like to see if he would be foolish enough to oppose my second brother for a little ugly starlet.”
“Good.” Lawyer Yao finally agreed as he knew that there was also a crucial gray area in between the (white) law and the (black) underworld which held great importance in a big city like Beijing.
Simply put, if Lin Mumu was just an ordinary feamel student, lawyer Yao would definitely never accept this case. No matter what evidence she had, it would be impossible to extort any money from that female star who had a powerful backer.
However, a few words from Gu Shao will quickly solve a lot of problems.
After lawyer Yao left the store, Gu Qi immediately called Xing Shao and only told him one sentence:
“I heard that you made some people bully Lin Mumu? Just know that she’s my second brother’s woman, and my second brother said that you can wait for him to come back, he’ll personally talk to you.”
After saying his piece, Gu Qi didn’t bother listening to Xing Shao’s reply and directly hung up. Finally, he politely smiled at Lin Mumu and reassured her:
“Don’t worry, even though Xing Shao is a playboy, he’s still very afraid of second brother Yun.”
Who said Gu San Shao was cold and difficult to get along with? Wasn’t he a perfectly good black bellied man? (TN: two-faced/ Outwardly good but inwardly evil.)
After the smashing incident, Lin Mumu became so busy she hardly any time to rest or eat.
Even if the shop was smashed, they could still find someone to redecorate it, anyway, the decoration fee was also included in Miss Lili’s bill, so Lin Mumu didn’t need to save costs for other, and this was a great opportunity to redecorate the store.
However, the store’s plants and flowers wouldn’t be given up on.
Although the arguments Lin Mumu advanced previously were somewhat exaggerated, she still honestly believed a part of it. Plants were considered a life, and they needed to be treated well and taken care of.
Ever since Lin Mumu’s shop opened in the marker, they had never sold more than ten succulent plants at a time since more than ten plants means the price would be doubled.
Naturally, no one was willing to spend more money to buy things a few more things they already had a bunch of, so the sales stayed very low and they didn’t get to sell many plants to the same customers, and this wasn’t very good for business when it came to benefit.
When Lin Mumu first implemented this purchasing policy, An Xiaoqin, Chen Fangya and Liu Yuanyuan found it hard to understand what she meant or what she was trying to achieve.