Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 128.1 - If apologizing was enough, what would be the use of the police? (Part 1)

Chapter 128 – If apologizing was enough, what would be the use of the police? (Part 1)
It turned out that, in fact, Lin Mumu’s purchasing restriction policy was just a cover because she was afraid that people would buy a lot of plants because they were cheap, but then, they’d end up neglecting them and letting die and waste away.
After all, people wouldn’t feel any pressure discarding small seedlings they had bought for a few yuan each.
The current situation was fortunately looking up for the better. The young seedings had just started their lives, so they were still strong and firmly keeping themselves together. Most of the plants wouldn’t die because they were overthrown from their pots and basins to the ground, and unless they were trampled on or harshly broken, most the plants could still be saved.
The little plants could easily be cleaned up by sister Zhou and Liu Yuanyuan. All they had to do was pick them up again and carefully put them back into the cultivating dish. However, it was a matter of patience since one actually had to pick up each seedling by hand, and replant them one by one. This work naturally couldn’t be done roughly with a broom.
Fortunately, An Xiaoqin and Chen Fangya also came to the store to help soon after they heard of what happened. Liu Ting also came back from the “toilet” after the storm had subsided and joined the team to help.
After the several people worked together, the whole process was much faster.
All that was left for Lin Mumu to do was busying herself with the big pots. This kind of work needed her personal intervention and no one could help her so she could only rely on herself.
When the plant is bigger, it will easily be disfigured, many leaves may fall down, and some branches may even be broken.
Still, Lin Mumu kept a frugal state of mind and decided to use all that could be used. She would treat what could be treated, replant the more damaged ones, and recycle those that couldn’t be saved.
Unexpectedly, Lin Mumu was pleasantly surprised by the strong vitality of those plants.
On the sidelines, Gu Qi also called over several people to help with redecorating the outside of the shop.
After the group of people was busy for half the afternoon, dinner time hadn’t come yet when Xing Shao actually came to the store’s doorstep in person.
“Why aren’t you answering the phone?” Xing Shao grumpily complained to Gu Qi the moment he spotted him.
Gu Qi gracefully smiled with his usual gentlemanly temperament, however, if one looked closer, they could see the deep schadenfreude in his eyes, rejoicing in other people’s misfortunes.
“Dong dong dong.” When the knocking sounded on the door, Lin Mumu was actually so busy and focused on transplanting the damaged flowers and plants that she didn’t hear it.