Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 128.2 - If apologizing was enough, what would be the use of the police? (Part 2)

Chapter 128 – If apologizing was enough, what would be the use of the police? (Part 2)
“May I come in?” Xing Shao’s voice sounded somewhat awkward, however, he still decided to push open the door and go inside without waiting for Lin Mumu’s consent.
However, Lin Mumu’s shop at the moment was just mess of branches and leaves everywhere with no place to settle down, so even when he came in, he could only stand at the door like a door god. (TN: ‘standing at the door like a door god’ is actually a mocking way to say someone is ‘obliged’ to stand and guard the door.)
Looking inside, Xing Shao’s eyes immediately fell on the busy and focused Lin Mumu. She was just as fresh and pure as he had seen in their first encounter.
Moreover, the Lin Mumu that was deeply focused on pruning the flowers gave people a sense of sacred natural beauty which wrapped her in a mysterious and magical atmosphere, different from her original temperament.
En, it was indeed Xing Shao’s favorite type.
For a moment, Xing Shao simply stood at the door in a daze. Such a lovely and pure little girl, yet, he can’t touch her. For the first time in his life, he actually felt like some sort of unfulfilled emptiness in his heart.
“Xing Shao?” After Lin Mumu finished tossing around a basin of potted plants and carefully placing it back on the flower rack, she suddenly spotted Xing Shao standing up at her door.
“I think there’s some kind of misunderstanding between us. I’m thankful for your attention, however, I’ll have to apologies because I’m simply not interested in being an actress. Could you please stop sending your people to cause trouble for me?” When all was said and done, Lin Mumu still couldn’t understand how she had offended this man.
“I’m here to apologize.” Saying this, Xing Shao couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.
“If apologizing was enough, what would be the use of the police?” After giving him her signature innocent look, Lin Mumu calmly carried on busying herself with her flowers.
After all, shrewd business man Lin Mumu was very clear, if she accepted his apology, wouldn’t that mean she couldn’t ask for money anymore?
This time, Xing Shao felt thoroughly embarrassed. But, he was very fond of such a temperament in a girl like Lin Mumu.
No, it’s not fondness. He simply liked playing with girls with such temperament and slowly destroying them with his own hands while enjoying the process.
After all, he was a person that deviated towards evil since the moment he was born, and staging disasters was his favorite pastime.
However, Lin Mumu wasn’t one of his playthings, and she didn’t give him any face. What was he supposed to say next? If he couldn’t get Lin Mumu forgiveness, should he just patiently wait for Yun Ting to come back and get him harshly cleaned up?