Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 129.1 - You can’t take Ill-gotten wealth (Part 1)

Chapter 129 – You can’t take Ill-gotten wealth (Part 1)
Wasn’t Yun Ting supposedly fond of men? If so, how could he be keeping a little mistress? This kind of unexpected surprises were really very unpleasant.
As for Gu San Shao, he was really black-hearted. When he spoke to Xing Shao earlier, he only said Lin Mumu was Yun Ting’s woman, however, he didn’t mention that they were actually legally married husband and wife. He deliberately let Xing Shao misunderstand because the latter was well for being a player who casually treated women as toys and only thought of keeping them as mistresses instead of having a relationship.
At the moment, Xing Shao was still deep in thoughts and couldn’t find anything to say. He glanced at Lin Mumu with a gloomy expression.
The little girl actually acted as if he didn’t exist at all and calmly continued taking care of her flowers.
Just as he was in a dilemma over what to do, Gu Qi suddenly knocked on the door and walked in the store. He silently faced Xing Shao and casually brought out his phone: “He’s looking for you.”
Gu Qi didn’t give him the phone either, he simply put it on handsfree mode, so that the sound from the other side could be clearly heard through the phone’s speakers.
Gu Qi politely informed: “Second brother, here he is.”
“Xing Xi, if you don’t want to die, you better behave yourself properly. From today onwards, you’re not allowed to be within 100 meters radius around Lin Mumu, no, within 500 meters!” Through the speakers, Yun Ting’s cold voice powerfully resounded inside the store. It was the first time that Lin Mumu actually heard him speaking in such an angry way, even his voice was overflowing with killing intent.
“En, I’ll leave and won’t come back.” Xing Shao could only nod helplessly towards Lin Mumu and turn around to leave.
Lin Mumu couldn’t help laughing out loud. Yun Ting was being so intimidating he could scare away an enemy.
“What are you laughing at?” Hearing Lin Mumu’s soft laughter, Yun Ting instantly switched his attention to Lin Mumu.
“I was thinking of taking out the picture from the marriage certificate.”
“Why? Do you miss me?” Yun Ting was very satisfied with Lin Mumu’s idea.
“No, you’re so scary and intimidating, if I kept a picture beside me, wouldn’t I be able to even ward off evil spirits?” Thinking of the funny situation, Lin Mumu laughed even harder.
However, hearing her laughter finally let Yun Ting calm down and be relieved. The biggest thing he was afraid of was that his little wife would be bullied while he wasn’t there to protect her.