Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 129.2 - You can’t take Ill-gotten wealth (Part 2)

Chapter 129 – You can’t take Ill-gotten wealth (Part 2)
hen he learnt of today’s event, he was in a state of impatience and anxiousness, afraid that Lin Mumu would feel wronged and cry pitifully, or worse, afraid that she would be beaten or injured.
Furthermore, the warm protective amulet he was holding made Yun Ting even more anxious.
His Xiao Mutou was so disobedient. Even after he told her about the great importance of the talisman, she still secretly put in his uniform’s pocket.
When Yun Ting discovered it, it was already too late to return it. He couldn’t leave the mission for the time being, so he could only keep this little amulet first, and hope that everything will be alright on Lin Mumu’s side.
Ever since he became a solider, he had a deep and thorough understanding of the importance of his career and missions, and he also knew that carrying out tasks was a must for every soldier, and that dangers were part or a soldier duty.
However, whenever he thought of Lin Mumu, he couldn’t help feeling anxious and unsettled.
A few hours later, Qiu Feng Si Shao (Fourth young master) and Ning Wu Shao (Fifth young master) also came to the store and politely greeted Lin Mumu as it was their first meeting.
According to her age, Lin Mumu still courteously called out to them: “Fourth older brother, fifth older brother (Si Ge, Wu Ge).”
Qiu Si Shao had a very lively character and quickly began getting along with his new little sister-in-law: “Don’t worry about that little starlet, second older sister-in-law. I already sent a few paparazzi to expose some information to let her unable to mix with the entertainment industry anymore.”
“No, it’s too early to ruin her career.” Lin Mumu hurriedly shook her head to stop him, “At least give her enough time to return my money before doing anything to her.”
“Alright, I’ll make lawyer Yao rush the matter of settling the debt.” Gu Qi happily nodded in reply. He didn’t expect his second older sister-in-law to be a little money grubber like himself.
“In that case, I’ll trouble Third big brother. My master had always said that our Taoist disciples weren’t allowed to take ill-gotten money. At that time, I will ask third big brother to help me collect and deal with the money. If you can, give it as a donation to the military.
If you can’t deal with the matter yourself and entrust it to someone else, please don’t let them donate it to charity, I don’t trust those people.”
This little money grubber version of Lin Mumu was quite amusing and was very different from the temperament she exuded. Ning Wu Shao couldn’t help give her another glance.
“Second sister-in-law, don’t worry. We brothers will deal with it properly.” Old five Ning was very confident in his promise since he often dealt with charity.