Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 130.1 - Feeling happy but also annoyed (Part 1)

Chapter 130 – Feeling happy but also annoyed (Part 1)
“I met her today. She’s beautiful, kind-hearted, intelligent and can make money. I also heard that she’s a genius in Yanda (Beijing University). If she wasn’t my second sister-in-law, I would pursue her.” (TN: Pursue as in chasing for dating.)
At the end of the day, Yun Ting received three identical messages on his phone.
What was this happy yet annoyed feeling in his heart?
Knowing his brothers, since they made fun of him this way, it meant that they sincerely acknowledged Lin Mumu as their second older sister-in-law because of her personality rather than just because of taking his face into account.
However, this was expected. His, Yun Ting’s, little wife was naturally not only good-looking, she also had a great character and moral standing to the point that one wouldn’t be able to finish praising her once they started.
Thinking about her, Yun Ting felt an inexplicably sweet feeling. He kept holding the amulet and his mobile phone for a while before sending a message to Lin Mumu:
“Wife, you should eat more, don’t save me money.”
Unfortunately, Lin Mumu didn’t reply to his message this time, so Yun Ting could only call Gu Qi again to ask about today’s events.
“We found the old squad leader thanks to second sister-in-law. Old squad leader also has a good impression of her, and he said she was a good girl who was polite and kind-hearted. We’re drinking with the old squad leader tonight, and we’ll also drink your share together.” On the phone, Gu Qi sounded very excited, which happened very rarely.
“What about old squad leader’s legs?”
“Amputation, there should be nothing to be done.”
“Alright, I’ll take Lin Mumu to have a drink with the old squad leader sometime later.”
“Second brother, I think Xing Xi looked strangely at second sister-in-law. I’m afraid he’s still having some bad ideas about her.” Gu Qi didn’t forget to hint to what he witnessed earlier in the day.
“Go and talk with Old Four, this matter can be entrusted to Xiao Jun.”
“Alright, Qiu Jun worships you the most, so there should be no problem. However, aren’t you afraid that he’ll start pestering second sister-in-law?”
“Only a youngster, still needs to have the opportunity!” Yun Ting expressed firmly. He would never admit that he actually gave Qiu Jun an opportunity because of Lin Mumu’s safety.