Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 130.2 - Feeling happy but also annoyed (Part 2)

Chapter 130 – Feeling happy but also annoyed (Part 2)
Qiu Jun was Qiu Si Shao’s younger brother. Ever since he was a child, he has always worshipped Yun Ting to the point he hanged his poster like a star on the top of bed.
Moreover, it wasn’t a picture, but a hand drawn image! And he did it himself! When he was ten years old, he even said that if he was a girl, he would marry Yun Ting when he got older.
His crazy worshiping made Yun Ting wisely keep away from him.
Afterwards, the little guy wanted to be their sixth brother, but he wasn’t approved. The reason for Yun Ting’s refusal was very simple: he has never been in the army and has never seen blood before, so he wasn’t worthy of being his brother.
Qiu Jun was also quite innocent and straightforward. Just because of Yun Ting’s words, he wanted to immediately go to the military academy and filled it as his all threes university wishes. However, his mother was worried for his safety and future, and secretly changed it later to Huada (China University).
Fortunately, Huada would recruit some high-tech national defense students from this year, and Qiu Jun signed up for that. After the military training, he would also continue accepting the training of the national defense students.
This time, Yun Ting actually appointed him an investigation task. It was estimated that Qiu Jun would be so happy he could die.
Meanwhiles, Lin Mumu was still very busy at the shop.
Only half the store had been cleaned up when she was called back by Lin Tianlang.
At first, she didn’t want to go, but Lin Tianlang quickly used his trump card: “Master is back, he asked you to quickly come to the bamboo tower.”
“Alright, I’ll come over soon. ” Lin Mumu rode on her small bike towards the school which was only seven- or eight-minutes away from the flowers’ and birds’ market.
However, Yanda’s campus area was far from being small. It took around eight minutes to walk from the school gate to the bamboo building of Yanshui lake. Fortunately, Lin Mumu was riding her bike, which let her get there much faster.
When she arrived at the foot of the building, she put her bike in the courtyard before heading inside. Suddenly, she saw a white shadow quickly rushing towards her.
Lin Mumu excitedly caught it in her arms and joyfully asked: “Master, how did you manage to bring over Xiao Baozi (Little steamed stuffed bun)?”