Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 131.2 - Xiao Baozi (Part 2)

Chapter 131 – Xiao Baozi (Part 2)
ow that it saw you, it completely forgot about me as if I’m not even around. Just like you, this little ungrateful disciple, only thinking about your Yun Ting and forgetting about your master. “
“Of course my Xiao Baozi would resemble me.” Lin Mumu didn’t repent at all and was even proud of her little bun.
Xiao Baozi looked up at Lin Mumu and Professor Lin, and as if it had understood what he said, the little dog instantly jumped on Professor Lin’s shoulder and massaged his neck with its little meaty paw pads.
“En, comfortable ~ ~ You little thing sure are lively.” Professor Lin enjoyed Xiao Baozi’s service very much.
“I bought so many delicious foods for it, yet, it won’t even let me hold it.” Among them, Lin Tianlang felt the most aggrieved.
Previously, Xiao Baozi was constantly pestering Professor Lin, and every time Lin Tianlang wanted to pick him up, the little guy would cautiously hide behind Professor Lin.
Now that he met Lin Mumu, Xiao Baozi once again began to pester her, completely ignoring him. Somehow, Lin Tianlang was feeling like the left-out disciple that didn’t belong to the San Qing temple!
He couldn’t help but feel a kind of discrimination as an outside door disciple. (TN: Lin Mumu is an inner door disciple.)
“I heard that you crippled a Gu master?” While enjoying his massage, Professor Lin went straight to the subject: “Not bad, you didn’t throw away your master’s face. Next time you meet a Gu master, you don’t need to be polite, and directly kill off their root of life through the Gu, after all, they deserve to die. We are acting according to heaven’s law and aren’t doing anything evil or harmful to the natural order.”
“Alright.” Lin Mumu agreed with her master, after all, Gu masters were a synonym of cruelty and evil. Many Gu maters’ Gu insects had to consume human blood in order to develop their ferocity and strength, so there wasn’t a single good person in their ranks.
“Sun Xiaomei is from Yun Province, and I heard she’s even part of some sort of organization. Yun Ting also went to Yun Province for this time’s mission. I’m worried if he’ll be bullied by a Gu master. “
“You only know how to worry about your Yun Ting! Indeed, a married daughter is as good as spilled water!” Professor Lin angrily retorted.
(TN: Meaning a married daughter will put her husband as her priority and won’t care about her family as much, which was kind of true in the old era since women’s lives depended on their husbands and sons after they were married out.)