Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 133.1 - Indecent video (Part 1)

Chapter 133 – Indecent video (Part 1)
Afterwards, Professor Lin grabbed Xiao Baozi and went back to Lin Mumu’s courtyard house along his two disciples. In passing, he made sure to personally strengthen the array surrounding the house to prevent the aura flowing inside the garden to leak outside.
Once inside, Professor Lin casually chose a room to occupy during his stay and grandly declared justified it by: “I only have you as a personal direct disciple, so my standing is the same as your parent, and it’s your duty to look after me until old age and arrange my burial once I die. Thus, it’s only natural that your home would be my home as well.”
Master’s case could be understood, but what about Lin Tianlang settling down in her house as well?
Oh, right, previously, Yun Ting told Lin Tianlang to live downstairs in order to protect her in case of danger, and just conveniently depend on him if she need anything while he was away.
“I’m a man who intends to wholeheartedly devote my life to the path of Daoism, consequently, wherever my master stays is naturally where I’ll be staying as well.”
After Lin Tianlang’s pretentious claim, he still spoke his true intention: “As far as I’m concerned, there’s no loss in being able to follow the master to study while enjoying junior sister’s lucky aura in this peaceful house.
Junior sister, rest assured, if we Taoist disciples practice our teachings in your house, your fortune can only improve and accumulate.”
“Good.” Lin Mumu nodded.
Afterwards, she finally found out that the reason those two people free-loaded in her house was because there was an aunt Wang cooking for her there. Wasn’t their first goal just to mooch meals?
As for Xiao Baozi, he liked his new environment very much, and the most important thing was that he could now accompany his favorite master Lin Mumu.
“Ao Wu!” Once they were both alone, Xiao Baozi obediently jumped into the bathtub and stayed still to let Lin Mumu bathe him. He also didn’t forget to shamelessly act cute and pitiful and complain about how his beloved master coldheartedly abandoned him.
“Alright, alright, let’s sleep together, I won’t leave you behind again.” Lin Mumu used some shampoo and carefully washed the little bun with soft snow-white fur.
As if he understood what Lin Mumu said, Xiao Baozi instantly stuck out his little red tongue to excitedly lick her hand.
“However, it’s too chaotic outside, so you can only stay inside this courtyard house in the future.”
“Wu Wu!” Although Xiao Baozi was a dog, he was somewhat intelligent and could utter two different sounds to either clamor loudly or whimper lowly.