Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 135

Before they knew it, Lin Mumu had already recited more than half of the Tao Te Ching[1].
“I’m going, good six, she is really worthy of being a scholar, she can even recite such profound things as the Tao Te Ching so smoothly.” Someone sighed.
“You’re stupid. People who practice Taoism have to recite sutras from an early age. The little monks can even recite the Diamond Sutra.”
“But she felt very comfortable when she read it. It made me itch, and I wanted to recite it with her.” A girl said.
“Okay, just follow her to recite. When she recites one sentence, you recite two, and feel the sanctity of our Taoist sect.” If Professor Lin gave this instruction at the beginning of the class, it was estimated that more than half of the students would have chosen to go on strike.
This was a university, not an elementary school, so why would people read texts with class representatives!
But at this time, the voices of Professor Lin and Lin Mumu seemed to have this kind of magical power, which made people feel very quiet and comfortable, and experience an indescribable strange feeling.
Faced with this strange feeling, what they did was start reciting the Tao Te Ching with Lin Mumu.
When Lin Mumu recited one sentence, someone followed, and then only she recited the second sentence.
Fortunately, the Tao Te Ching was not too long, and the demonstration was completed in a short while. During this period, the audience actually kept quiet, and an inexplicable solemn atmosphere surrounded the entire classroom.
The others still hadn’t recovered, but Lin Mumu said, “It’s over.”
“Hey, look at that plant, it doesn’t feel the same as before.”
“Yes, I saw it was sick before. It’s so energetic and cute now.”
“Why do I think it’s so fat?”
After every word, the students felt that what happened to the succulent was magical.
It was Professor Lin who explained it to them: “This is called mind power. If only Lin Mumu’s mind power was used, it would not be so effective. If you recite sutras together with so many people, not only will you benefit from it, but the plants with you will also benefit.”
Master, is it really okay for you to talk nonsense like this?
Lin Mumu had a feeling of super helplessness. She did have mind power, but this thing was too mysterious, and ordinary people couldn’t cultivate it, let alone show it, unless her master suddenly came over, but it was simpler.
As for Lin Mumu’s blessing to plants, only Lin Mumu could really do it. The mind power of others was also because they assisted Lin Mumu and helped Lin Mumu to bless that plant.
But Lin Mumu didn’t say it, and the other students didn’t know about it, so they thought it was magical, and the chinese culture was broad and profound.
After class, Lin Mumu asked Professor Lin in a puzzled manner: “Master, aren’t you really good at deceiving people?”
“This is called expressing the truth that cannot be explained clearly in an understandable way.”
How did she feel that her master had the potential to be a cultist?
But Lin Mumu had to admit that what the master said made sense.
Naturally, the most mysterious things in Taoism could not be explained clearly, and some of them had been used badly by charlatans, such as divination.
If Daoist Lin Wu said these things, he would probably be regarded as a liar. On the contrary, today’s case was more acceptable.
Lin Mumu felt that the master’s words were reasonable, so she didn’t bother much about this issue, and hurried back to the courtyard to pick up the steamed buns, and grab lunch by the way.
During this time, Auntie Wang stayed in the courtyard to take care of Lin Mumu. She prepared three meals a day so that Lin Mumu wouldn’t have to eat in the cafeteria anymore!