Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 136

“Aunty Wang, your cooking skills are really good.”
Lin Mumu sighed again: “I must give you a little more salary.”
“Thank you, Young Madam.” Aunty Wang had a good impression of Lin Mumu. Every time she invited Aunty Wang to the table to eat together.
Lin Mumu often pestered Aunty Wang to cook different food for herself, which was more like her own daughter’s kind feeling.
Although her master and senior brother looked aloof, they were well-bred and would not embarrass others.
“Aunty Wang, my Baozi like to eat meat buns and meaty bones. Although she is small, she has a big appetite. Let me tell you secretly, my Baozi is a beast.” Lin Mumu hugged the buns and put them on the stool next to her, then she also put a few ribs and chicken legs on the dog plate.
“Okay, I’ll buy more for it next time.” Aunty Wang greeted with a smile.
As for the mythical beast, Aunty Wang knew that Lin Mumu was joking, but she didn’t really believe it. But this puppy was really cute.
Lin Mumu took the Baozi to the flower and bird market after eating. She had packed half of the flowers and plants yesterday, she was still thinking about it, and was going to go back and continue to toss.
It’s just that Lin Mumu parked her bicycle at the entrance of the flower and bird market, and she felt a murderous aura around her.
For her.
It seemed that Lily still hadn’t given up, and she still hadn’t figured out why she was exposed in those indecent videos.
Lin Mumu almost ran, trotting all the way into the flower and bird market, and went straight to Uncle Gou’s shop.
The people behind her didn’t expect this little girl to be so vigilant, and they let her run away before anyone could be caught.
But relying on the large number of people, they did not give up, and actually chased after Lin Mumu.
“Do it, hit me! Let everyone go!” A clear voice sounded.
Lin Mumu stopped, and saw the excitement behind her.
The dozen or so people who were chasing her were being beaten by a group of students. Seeing how many of them were still wearing school uniforms, they should be from Huada.
Seeing Lin Mumu, the leader gave a standard military salute with excitement on his face: “Second sister-in-law, Qiu Jun reporting to you, you can call me sixth brother.”
“Qiu Jun? I don’t know you.”
Lin Mumu shook her head, she didn’t hear Yun Ting mentioning the name.
“Second sister-in-law, don’t be so cruel.” Qiu Jun still wanted to chase Lin Mumu, but found that Lin Mumu had entered Uncle Gou’s shop.
Qiu Jun already knew the identity of Uncle Gou, and even Gu Shao had to call him Uncle Gou, so how could Qiu Jun dare to mess with him.
“Little girl, you are so brave.” Uncle Gou nodded and praised Lin Mumu.
“Sister, sister, the dog in your arms is so cute, can I hug it.” Uncle Gou’s daughter Yaya stared at Lin Mumu excitedly.
“Then you have to ask it yourself.” Lin Mumu put Baozi on the ground.
Baozi looked at Yaya, turned his head arrogantly, and turned to Lin Mumu, avoiding the little girl’s admiring eyes.
“You dog is not simple! I can’t tell its breed.” Uncle Gou had long noticed that Lin Mumu’s dog, Baozi had human eyes and was different from other dogs.
Lin Mumu nodded: “Baozi is a mythical beast in my heart. It is my saviour. I was surrounded by wolves in the mountains before. It was Baozi who howled like wolves and scared them away. So no matter what breed it is or where it came from I don’t know, it’s still my partner and family.”
Baozi seemed to understand Lin Mumu’s words, and he rubbed against Lin Mumu’s legs in attachment, and let out a proud “Awoo~~Awoo~~”