Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 137

Uncle Gou reacted much more than Lin Mumu, because he found that as soon as this little guy came to the store, all the dogs in his room obediently tucked their tails.
When Baozi howled, most of the dogs fell to the ground in fright, as if worshiping their king.
Lin Mumu touched a snow-white Samoyed next to Uncle Gou and said, “Uncle Guo, you are really good. All the dogs here are so good.”
“Dogs are like people, they have spirituality. If you treat them well, they will love you and repay you.”
“Yeah.” Lin Mumu was just about to leave when she found Liu Yuanyuan coming.
Lin Mumu hid to the other side and did not meet Liu Yuanyuan. She was also curious as to why Liu Yuanyuan came to Uncle Guo.
“Uncle Guo, I took lunch from the school cafeteria and brought it for you and Yaya.” Liu Yuanyuan put down the meal.
“How embarrassing.” Uncle Gou had limited mobility and had no woman. It was impossible for him to cook by himself, so he basically took Yaya to eat around.
It’s just that the flower and bird market was crowded with people, so it was not convenient for him to go out to eat every time.
“Don’t dislike the crude food in our cafeteria.” Liu Yuanyuan gave Uncle Guo a smile, put down the food and left.
Uncle Gou took ten yuan from the cabinet to pay Liu Yuanyuan for her meal, and Liu Yuanyuan didn’t refuse, but said to Uncle Gou, “I’ll bring it again for you at noon tomorrow.”
What’s the situation? Lin Mumu was really confused, why was Liu Yuanyuan being so nice to Uncle Guo all of a sudden?
If you say thank you, Gu Qi and the others had already thanked Lin Mumu yesterday, so there was no need for Liu Yuanyuan to express her gratitude.
And Liu Yuanyuan didn’t say thank you for such hypocritical words, but did what Uncle Guo liked most.
“Yaya, when you get bored, come to sister’s shop to play with sister Yuanyuan and me.” After Lin Mumu said something to Yaya, she also went back to her shop.
As for Qiu Jun who was forced to follow, Lin Mumu could only helplessly say to him:
“Student, I still can’t afford a bodyguard.”
“It’s okay, second brother can afford it.” Qiu Jun looked excited.
“Then you stay, they can go.”
“How can that be, they are all admirers of the second brother, you can’t deprive them of the opportunity to be loyal to the second brother.”
Lin Mumu simply stopped talking nonsense with him, just pretended she didn’t see it, and she still does what she should do.
Today, it would definitely not be so easy.
Sure enough, as Lin Mumu expected, after only two hours, Lily came to look for Lin Mumu in a casual shirt and delicate makeup.
“Is Miss Lily here to pay back the money?” Lin Mumu looked at her with a smile.
“Miss Lin, I was wrong.” Unexpectedly, this big star held on to Lin Mumu: “It’s because I have eyes that don’t know Mount Tai, please show me your hand and let me go.”
A group of reporters who knew where they came from started pictures of Lin Mumu and Lily like crazy.
“Miss Lily, what do you mean by what you just said?” a reporter asked.
“I know I’m not qualified to defend myself. Now you must all think I’m a bad woman, but you don’t know how deep the entertainment industry is. It’s only my fault that I don’t know Taishan. I offended people who shouldn’t be offended. It’s the people who ruined the reputation.” Lily had a miserable expression, obviously having come prepared.
She even took out a check: “Miss Lin, I can only pay 30 million for the 60 million you want in compensation. Can you give me a few more days?”