Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 138

Lily really deserved to be an actress, even in real life she was so good at acting.
As soon as she said this, a reporter with keen observation immediately asked: “Miss Lily, what is the compensation? Why is it so much, 60 million?”
Of course Lily cried and told what happened yesterday. Things came out of different mouths, so of course the taste was completely different.
Obviously she brought people to smash up Lin Mumu’s shop and forced Lin Mumu to play the leading role for her, yesterday she was also full of arrogance.
Now, she changed suddenly, the words that came out of her mouth made it seem like she was kind and sincere in representing AC Film and Television to ask Lin Mumu to be the heroine, but after Lin Mumu refused and humiliated her, the two sides clashed and accidentally smashed some of Lin Mumu’s family’s flowers and plants, Lin Mumu asked her to pay tens of millions in compensation, and if she didn’t pay, she would be punished to death.
She was really powerful, bringing five or six tall and burly bodyguards to clash with other little girls? Black could have said to be turned white.
But the reporters obviously only cared about what Queen Lily said, who cared about an ordinary female student? They only cared about the shady truth behind Lily’s indecent video. In the final analysis, all these news was all about money.
Lily also said: “Just because I smashed her shop, Ms. Lin hired a well-known lawyer and asked me to compensate her with 60 million yuan. I will pay more than 100 thousand yuan for a single plant in her shop. Of course I don’t want to. Indecent videos were released that night. I really don’t know anything about those videos. After thinking about it, the only person I offended was Ms. Lin Mumu. Ms. Lin, I was wrong, I admit it, please. Please let me go, I will never dare to fight against you again.”
When Lily talked about the emotional part, she got too involved in the scene, and suddenly knelt down in front of Lin Mumu, and kowtowed to Lin Mumu in public.
Lin Mumu just felt tired and disgusted. Did people in this world like to kneel like Sun Xiaomei? Once someone kneeled down, everyone would surely sympathize with her.
Lily just knelt down, which immediately mobilized the attention of the reporters, and pushed Lin Mumu to the position of a heinous and unsympathetic bad woman.
What’s more, Lily was a public figure, a goddess with tens of millions of fans all over the country, her kneeling would definitely bring Lin Mumu to the headlines. At that time, she was afraid that the onlookers in the whole Huaxia who didn’t know the truth would help Lily condemn Lin Mumu.
Lin Mumu glanced at Lily, turned around and left, and closed the shop door by the way: “You guys want to film, please go elsewhere. You are not welcome here.”
It’s a pity that the reporters refused to let Lin Mumu go.
After taking pictures, someone helped Lily get up, someone frantically knocked on Lin Mumu’s door and asked loudly: “Miss Lin Mumu, do you have anything to say?”
“Miss Lin Mumu, what do you think about this matter?”
“Miss Lin Mumu, we want to ask you a few questions.”
The atmosphere was extremely noisy for a while.
However, Lin Mumu had already turned a deaf ear to what was going on outside the window, and was concentrating on her flowers and plants.
What Lily did was really disgusting, but Lin Mumu didn’t want to argue with her. In front of the media, no matter what Lin Mumu said, it couldn’t compare to what Lily said.
Because Lily was a popular actress, loved by countless people, but she had nothing.
That being the case, why would she bother to explain?
Although she felt a little wronged, the master said that the law was natural, and it was over after reading some Tao Te Ching. Outsiders were free to say what they wanted.
While tending the flowers and plants, Lin Mumu forcefully recited the Tao Te Ching to meditate.
She just felt aggrieved in her heart and it’s hard to calm down.