Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 139

Ch. 139: Wronged but Helpless
“Don’t take pictures, don’t take pictures.”
Qiu Jun rushed over with the boys from Huada, trying to drive these reporters away, but the scene between the two sides became even more chaotic.
Some reporters even took pictures of this scene and prepared to write, “Mysterious woman hired thugs to threaten reporters. Miss Lili, cried and knelt down for that.”
The topics were all prepared, and the cameras were all ready to take pictures.
Everything was ready, just waiting to go back and write.
It was a pity that Miss Lin Mumu didn’t show her face much, they didn’t get a clear front view, and they didn’t find out which family this wealthy lady belonged to.
The chaos outside still messed up Lin Mumu’s heart.
She also wanted to pursue Taoism and nature, and let those reporters shoot and write casually. She couldn’t control other people’s pens and other people’s mouths, but she was not a saint after all, she understood the truth, but she can’t do it.
Qiu Jun and the others fought for her because of Yun Ting. At this time, Lili brought a few people hiding in the dark, and took advantage of the chaos to attack Qiu Jun and the others.
Qiu Jun was good at skills, but he brought all the national defence students from Huada University, many of whom had just graduated from high school exam-oriented education. Military training and national defence student training were the highest training they had received, and they were not good at fighting.
As a result, they naturally fell into a disadvantage.
Seeing that several students were at a disadvantage, and some were even beaten, Lin Mumu finally couldn’t bear it, opened the door, and let those flashing lights hit her on the face.
“Qiu Jun, stop now.”
Lin Mumu breathed a sigh of relief: “I don’t know what you guys want to do. I just want to say, shouldn’t our reporters expose the facts? When did you become someone following a star? In order to create a topic, you don’t even hesitate to hurt a few students like this?”
“Why are you pretending to be pitiful? Female college students are the most shameless nowadays. Seeing that she is so young and wants to step on Lili to play the heroine of “Song of Everlasting Regret”, she must have accepted the potential rules.” Someone immediately responded harshly.
“Ms. Lin Mumu, have you ever slept with the director?”
“Ms. Lin Mumu, how did you use computer technology to synthesize Lili’s indecent video?”
“Ms. Lin Mumu, why are the plants in your store sold? Hundreds of thousands per plant? Is it another way of laundering money?”
“Miss Lin Mumu, what is your relationship with the investors of AC Film and Television?” The attacks, instantly submerged Lin Mumu.
These reporters basically took advantage of Lili, and they also dug deep into topics, so they naturally speculated hard.
Because it seemed that no matter what she said today, people would mislead and guess more topics in various ways, she felt exhausted, thinking they were probably talking about Lin Mumu’s current state. No matter how innocent you are or how wronged you are, there was no way to explain it clearly, and people would still speculate and brutally accuse you of various crimes. This was why people’s words were feared, and everyone’s words could make money.
Lin Mumu felt very powerless and helpless. After all, she was just a little girl, there was no way to deal with public opinion violence. Even if she could drive these people away, she couldn’t stop them from talking, and she couldn’t make them write scribbles in tomorrow’s newspaper. She looked at these people, and even wanted to move back to the mountains a little, where no one would be so unreasonable, and there was no need to play with each other. Her ears were full of all kinds of false speculations and sinister intentions, making the trees sink into a swamp. At this moment, Lin Mumu’s phone rang.