Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 140

Ch. 140: I Refuse
Lin Mumu didn’t even look at the caller, but subconsciously answered the call.
“Lin Mumu, I heard that you are not feeling well now? This young master is also very distressed. You should guess who I am, as long as you promise to be my woman, I will help you solve your problems. Otherwise I promise to see you in tomorrow’s newspaper, as long as you don’t have your name and photo, and I can even help you to play Lili to death. How about it? It’s much better for you to follow me than to follow Yun Ting, and I can satisfy you in everything.” The voice on the phone was somewhat familiar.
“I refuse. Also, go to hell!” Lin Mumu hung up the phone without thinking.
She knew that it was Young Master Xing who called, and she also knew that Young Master Xing had the ability to solve this matter.
Was Lin Mumu stupid to follow Young Master Xing? What kind of thing was he? If he could do it, couldn’t Yun Ting also do it? She, Lin Mumu, was Yun Ting’s woman, so she disdained such a playboy.
It’s just that Lin Mumu didn’t want to call Yun Ting, and let Yun Ting worry about her.
At the moment when she received the call from Young Master Xing, Lin Mumu was so angry that her impetuous heart suddenly calmed down.
She suddenly looked at the noisy crowd around her so quietly, and let out a laugh:
“Have you had enough trouble? Now it’s my turn?”
Both Lili and the reporters were stunned for a moment. She was not overstimulated, right?
There were a few conscientious reporters who could only sigh and silently choose to leave.
In this society, money played a very important role. As a big star, Lili had a lot of money and contacts. It was indeed quite simple for her to bribe some reporters to be her mouthpiece.
She didn’t even need to spend money, as long as her agent released a few news about her, it would already make people flock to her.
Lin Mumu, a female student, was indeed a bit too embarrassed to meet the big star Lili.
This little girl looked soft and weak, she must have been provoked to commit suicide, right?
Suicide was useless. In the face of powerful public opinion, if she really committed suicide, the reporters would write bizarre stories about her, such as despair of life after being ruled out.
In short, it seemed impossible for Lin Mumu to fight back.
Unexpectedly, the little girl suddenly started calling 110, and showed the lit phone to the reporters: “You all are maliciously slandering me, I have already called the police. If you write scribbles in the newspaper tomorrow, I will let my lawyer go to your newspaper one after another to send lawyer letters.”
“I don’t believe that China is a place where there is no law!”
“And Miss Lili, I have recorded your slander just now, and I will give this recording to my lawyer when the time comes. China is a society ruled run by law, what reason do you have, we will see you in court.”
Lin Mumu’s demeanour also changed suddenly at this moment, from a weak little girl to a strong woman in an instant.
“Qiu Jun, please bring your mobile phone, take pictures for me, don’t leave any of these people behind!”
Such things as taking pictures, press conferences, wouldn’t Lin Mumu know how? They were all human beings, let them have a taste of being photographed.
Cracking, clapping, and the sound of taking pictures, it was Qiu Jun and his classmates, as well as many onlookers who took out their mobile phones and kept taking pictures of those reporters and Lili.
“Stop taking pictures, what are you taking pictures of, don’t you know that taking pictures indiscriminately will infringe on other people’s portrait rights?” Some reporters got angry and reprimanded Qiu Jun and others.
“How do I remember, you all took pictures of me just now, my portrait right was violated, what do you have to say about that?”