Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 142

Lin Mumu cried for a while, until the handkerchief was wet by her crying, then she simply wiped her tears on Yun Ting’s chest.
Even through layers of clothes, Yun Ting could still feel a little humidity on his chest.
Like a drop of water, it seeped into the soil and went straight into his heart.
It made his heart feel a little painful and itchy.
He couldn’t control his emotions anymore, he suddenly hugged Lin Mumu into his arms, wanting to rub her onto his chest.
Now Lin Mumu stopped crying, instead she comforted Yun Ting in a low voice embarrassedly:
“I’m fine, girls like to cry, I heard that tears can detoxify.”
Lin Mumu had just cried, and her voice had lost the clearness of the past, it sounded a little more hoarse and charming.
Maybe she didn’t have any charm at all, but to Yun Ting’s ears, there was just such a trace of charm.
Yun Ting turned over Lin Mumu’s face and looked at her familiar face seriously.
Lin Mumu’s eye were still red, and there were still a few tears on her face that were not wiped away, it really felt like pear blossoms covered with rain.
What Lin Mumu didn’t expect was that Yun Ting actually stuck out his tongue and gently rolled it around her eye sockets and cheeks, licking away all the teardrops.
Lin Mumu’s face instantly turned red.
Fortunately, Yun Ting still had sense, and didn’t continue, but kissed Lin Mumu’s slightly hot forehead with his lips:
“Do you have a fever?”
“You have a fever!” Lin Mumu was furious at this bastard, obviously he was the one who seduced her to raise her temperature and said she had a fever.
“Hey, about those reporters, don’t worry, leave them all to me. Since you married me, I won’t let you be wronged.” Yun Ting hugged Lin Mumu into his arms to comfort him.
He was really terrified by Lin Mumu’s crying. Seeing her tearful face, he panicked and his soul was softened by her crying.
Lin Mumu was refreshed after crying, and leaned on Yun Ting’s chest with a satisfied face: “Weren’t you in Yunxiang? Why are you back?”
The bloody smell was hard to hide.
Xiao Du, who was driving, finally found a chance to interject: “Sister-in-law, you don’t even know that Brother Yun almost even gave up his life for you.”
“Originally, we were waiting for Abbot Jueming of Jinshan Temple to come to set up the formation. Abbot Jueming had a weird temper. How many days would it take to fast, pray, and perform rituals before we could act. Later, Brother Yun found the village where Gu art was being practiced by himself, and killed their mysterious Gu king before we could carry out the mission.”
“Shut up! There are military secrets, don’t speak nonsense!” Yun Ting yelled at Xiao Du.
Lin Mumu knew that Yun Ting was worried about her, so he didn’t allow Xiao Du to continue, but she couldn’t help saying to Yun Ting:
“So Major General Yun, in your eyes, I am a spy? Are you afraid that I will reveal military secrets? All right, then I will never appear in front of you again! Huh, what are you doing… woo woo…”
Yun Ting didn’t answer Lin Mumu at all, he just chose the most direct and effective method, which was to seal her mouth.
The way he kept his mouth shut to Lin Mumu was of course to kiss her until she became weak and unable to speak.
“Yun Ting, you bastard!” Her lips parted, and Lin Mumu lost her temper before she breathed a sigh of relief.
Yun Ting thought this little wild cat was very interesting and delicious, so he couldn’t help but shut her up again.
Lin Mumu hammered Yun Ting’s back weakly, but she was reluctant to hit him hard, and even her strength couldn’t hurt him.