Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 144

“No, no.” Lili was really frightened.
Yun Ting immediately ordered: “Arrest Xing Xi on suspicion of treason.”
Treason! Yun Ting really dared to do it.
Who let Xing Xi touch Yun Ting’s woman, since he knew Lin Mumu’s identity and still wanted to do it, Yun Ting didn’t mind playing him to death.
Someone was going to arrest Young Master Xing, and Yun Ting was relieved, and angrily berated Police Officer An Mingxuan: “I have arrested everyone, the students have some evidence, and you can interrogate them slowly. Lin Mumu, there is a part of the wooden mobile phone, I will sort it out and send it to you. This is a matter for your public security department, and it is not convenient for me to intervene, but there is a word to remind: don’t chill the hearts of us soldiers. A major general’s wife is being plotted by others, then what about ordinary soldiers?”
Yun Ting said, then holding Lin Mumu’s little hand, he retreated gracefully.
When An Mingxuan came back to his senses, he scolded Yun Ting depressingly: “Yun Ting, you’re a scumbag, will you leave this mess to me?”
Although Xing Xi’s family was in business, his grandfather was also a veteran cadre. No, An Mingxuan wondered why Yun Ting became a country destroying concubine today and did something beautiful.
Unexpectedly, he still had to clean up the mess. Moreover, if someone was arrested, they could not even be released easily. Yun Ting had already sued Xing Xi for leaking military information, which was considered treason in Dali.
Because senior military officers themselves were in the army all year round, spies could rarely get close to them, so their family members tended to become weak spots.
For this reason, the Huaxia Kingdom generally took protection and confidentiality measures for the military families of senior military officers.
If Xing Xi had revealed Lin Mumu’s identity, he really committed a big taboo. But An Mingxuan also knew that no matter how messed up Young Master Xing was, he wouldn’t do such a thing.
It’s just that Yun Ting had found an excuse to cut him down.
Xing Xi would definitely be let go, but he must be locked up for a few days, otherwise he won’t be able to explain to Yun Ting.
And these reporters and actress Lili also had to be dealt with carefully to appease them.
After all, Yun Ting had already recognized Lin Mumu as his wife in front of them, so the police had to do a good job of ideological work for them so as to let them understand that they should not leak the secret.
What was it all about!
It was originally a trivial matter, but Yun Ting made it a big deal.
And, it was not over yet.
This was Yun Ting’s action, Lin Mumu herself was not to be outdone.
On the way, she called Lawyer Yao and entrusted him to help her send a lawyer’s letter to the newspapers where the reporters worked for compensation for “defamation” and “personal attack”.
This was a beautiful move, and the newspaper office, which was like a frightened bird, could only pay for it to settle the matter.
What satisfied Lawyer Yao the most was that Lin Mumu had said before that the money was ill-gotten gains, and she didn’t want any of it and had instructed Gu Qi to give it to charity.
Lawyer Yao was also a bloody lawyer, so he had followed this matter very closely.
After calling Lawyer Yao, Lin Mumu called Liu Yuanyuan to report her safety and let her rest for a day.
There were so many things going on in this flower and bird shop, it was good to temporarily close it for two days.
After finishing the phone call, Lin Mumu leisurely leaned in Yun Ting’s arm and ate potato chips.
Yun Ting really regretted not letting Xiao Du drive.
When he drove by himself, he had to hold the steering wheel tightly, and he couldn’t hug Lin Mumu anymore.
Lin Mumu’s long hair rubbed against his arm, it was soft, carrying her unique aura, which made him a little distracted, making him wish he could melt her into his body.