Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 145

“Call me if you encounter anything in the future!” Yun Ting said.
“Yeah.” What Lin Mumu was thinking was that this time Yun Ting took risks for her, so next time if something happened, she would hide it from him. What was more important than life?
Wasn’t it just being scribbled about by those tabloid reporters and suffering a temporary loss of reputation?
If Yun Ting was injured or died at the hands of the enemy because of her aggression, that would be her biggest loss.
“Yun Ting, I’m looking forward to fighting in the army. Tell me about your mission this time.” Lin Mumu took three pieces of potato chips, one for herself, Yun Ting and Baozi, then stuffed her own piece into her mouth.
“Okay.” Yun Ting ate the potato chips and began to tell Lin Mumu a story.
It turned out that this time, Lin Mumu really made a contribution.
After Yun Ting went to Yun Province, he began to investigate the ancient village where Sun Xiaomei lived, and there were really weird things everywhere.
At that time, Yun Ting had an intuition that the village was a bit strange, so he ordered several members of their team to pretend to be tourists and live in the town for the time being, and that they should not act rashly.
Then he received the photo taken by Lin Mumu, with the news that Sun Xiaomei was a Gu Master.
This news forced them to redraw their battle plan, focusing on reconnaissance.
After discovering that several of Sun Xiaomei’s elders in that village were acting suspiciously, they sent a report to the higher authorities.
And their investigation task this time had been upgraded to exterminate Gu masters.
They were ordinary fighters, and they were still incapable of dealing with Gu, so they could only wait for Abbot Jueming of Jinshan Temple to bring people to cooperate.
But this showed that the abbot was really flawed and had a stable temper. Regardless of the fire, he just stuck to his principles.
How many days did he have to chant scriptures in the monastery before doing it.
Yun Ting couldn’t wait for him, so he did it himself.
“Yun Ting, are you stupid!” Lin Mumu sat up straight in anger, not even continuing to eat potato chips.
“No matter how fast your bullets are, those magic spells are impossible to guard against. How can you not love yourself so much! No matter how muscular you are or how fast your marksmanship is, you can’t do anything about those bugs!”
Or Lin Mumu herself would be open-minded and do it herself.
But for Yun Ting, it was estimated that since she cared, she would feel chaotic, and because she cares, she was reluctant to let him take risks.
“Don’t worry, your man isn’t that weak. It’s been said that the evil can’t win over good, and they’re just playing tricks, which won’t trouble me.” Yun Ting freed up one hand to touch Lin Mumu’s head, but found another kind of something furry.
It was Baozi’s head…
“This dog. It’s really psychic.” Yun Ting joked.
Not to mention, with Baozi by Lin Mumu’s side, Yun Ting somehow felt relieved.
Despite its petite stature, where this puppy was only a little bigger than a one-month-old kitten, its speed and agility were comparable to police dogs.
Just now, the little thing sensed that Lin Mumu was hiding from Yun Ting, so he cleverly thought of climbing onto Lin Mumu’s head to help, so that Yun Ting’s hands were on Baozi’s body, and he couldn’t touch Lin Mumu’s head.
It was just that this little thing was an animal after all, and it didn’t understand a woman’s desire to refuse and welcome.
Lin Mumu just hid casually, in fact, she really wanted to be patted by Yun Ting on the head~~ Hey, there was no chance.
Feeling that Lin Mumu was ashamed and angry, Yun Ting had already stopped the car, opened the door for her casually, and carried her out of the car.
Baozi knew that resistance was futile, so he obediently jumped onto Lin Mumu’s belly, and enjoyed Yun Ting’s embrace with Lin Mumu.
Yun Ting’s aura was really comfortable~ If he hadn’t bullied his master, Baozi would have jumped into his arms to act coquettishly.