Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 147

When the long war ended, Lin Mumu leaned against Yun Ting weakly.
Yun Ting smiled and tapped Lin Mumu’s little nose, then turned off the water, wiped them both dry, and went back to the room with a naked Lin Mumu in his arms.
Lin Mumu was a little confused, she was so tired that she didn’t even want to lift her fingers, so naturally she didn’t pay attention to their naked appearance now.
He liked Lin Mumu to be confused the most, because at this time, he would often play with her greedy kitten nature honestly, and they would discuss and develop some new postures together.
For example, now that Lin Mumu wanted to rely on Yun Ting, she lost her shame, hugged him in a daze, and fell asleep.
He enjoyed the feeling of being attached to her.
The journey was exhausting, and he was also tired, so he just hugged her and took a nap.
When Lin Mumu woke up, Yun Ting had already gone to the study, and was using the computer to transmit something, and he was still holding the phone to give some instructions.
No one else was allowed to enter Yun Ting’s study room, except for Lin Mumu.
Hearing the voice, he temporarily put down his phone, and replied to Lin Mumu:
“There is soup on the table, go and drink some first, I’ll come over later.”
“Ok.” Lin Mumu didn’t disturb Yun Ting’s work, and ran to the dining room.
There was still some time before dinner, so Yun Ting while thinking about her, had ordered Aunty Wang to cook sweet white fungus soup for her in advance.
Lin Mumu held the white fungus soup and turned on her laptop.
In the past two years, surfing the Internet had become popular, and many news and information were published online, thus reading news online had gradually replaced newspapers.
Lin Mumu opened the news page, and the headlines she saw were about Xing’s real estate.
“Xing Xi, the young owner of Xing’s Real Estate, was arrested for unknown reasons.”
“Because of the video incident, AC Film and Television announced that it would no longer use Ms. Lili, they unilaterally terminated the contract with actress Lili, and prepared to claim compensation from Ms. Lili.”
“Staff, conduct qualification certification, prohibit random broadcasting of residents’ privacy, use false guesses to slander and frame others at will.”
“Yunying Group launched the Hero Fund, which specially supports veterans and heroes who died for the country.”
This one piece of news improved Lin Mumu’s mood inexplicably.
It seemed that her luck came from that man.
Lin Mumu raised her head proudly, and looked in Yun Ting’s direction, her man.
There were always some people in this country who would stop at nothing to uphold justice, and her man was one of them!
At this time, Yun Ting had just come out of the study, and as soon as he opened the door, he met Lin Mumu’s adoring eyes.
“What, do you still want it?” Yun Ting joked with Lin Mumu with a smile.
In a word, Lin Mumu was embarrassed.
“People think you are a national hero, but you are a stinky hooligan! Hmph!”
“Your white fungus soup.” Yun Ting pointed to Lin Mumu’s bowl.
“Huh, I know how to make noise.” Lin Mumu had already mastered Yun Ting’s routine. Yun Ting never quarrelled with Lin Mumu, but whenever he couldn’t answer or couldn’t say it, or felt that Lin Mumu couldn’t stand it anymore, he would use the big trick of changing the subject.
Although it was a rotten trick, who made Lin Mumu so heartless that she got caught every time.
For example, this time, even though Lin Mumu complained, she was successfully led astray, so she took a look at her white fungus soup by the way.
“Baozi!!!” Lin Mumu screamed, “You foodie!”
At this moment, Baozi was burying his little head in Lin Mumu’s bowl, secretly eating Lin Mumu’s white fungus soup.