Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 148

“If you steal food like this again, be careful that I might throw you out. I will never want you again, and I will make you a stray dog!”
He took the bowl and prepared to return it to Lin Mumu.
Not to mention that this little thing was really spiritual, it held the bowl with soup in its meaty paws, but didn’t spill any of it.
“Okay, here’s a bowl for you. I’ll just fill another bowl. Next time you want to eat it, just tell me, don’t steal it again, understand?”
“Understood.” Yun Ting brought Lin Mumu a bowl.
“It’s not about you.” Lin Mumu gave him a blank look, and waited anxiously for Yun Ting to help her serve tremella soup.
“Then what do you mean, I can eat you at any time without reporting? That’s fine.”
“Yun Ting!” Lin Mumu was going crazy every minute, who will tell her what’s going on? Why did Yun Ting’s image of a cold male god collapse like this?
Fortunately, Yun Ting knew that Lin Mumu was shy, so he stopped teasing her, but asked her seriously: “Xing Xi is a man who cannot be killed. Tell me, do you want him without an arm or a leg.”
“No.” Lin Mumu shook her head. If she remembered correctly, Xing Xi’s grandfather was a retired old marshal. He was even more powerful than Grandpa Yun in time of trouble.
Huaxia was also a place that paid attention to inheritance. Although there was no old saying that the son inherited the father’s business in the new era, some ancient cultures were still there.
For example, even if the merits of the older generation could not be passed on to the descendants, they could still bless their descendants, at least before they passed away.
Even in view of Xing Lao’s achievements, Lin Mumu couldn’t really want Xing Xi’s leg.
“It’s up to you to decide this matter, I just want to sell flowers quietly. Ah, yes, my flowers, no, I have to go to the flower and bird market to plant flowers.”
“I’ll send you.” Yun Ting nodded.
Seeing that Lin Mumu was about to run out, Yun Ting reluctantly reminded: “Clothes.”
It was said that women in love have zero IQ, Lin Mumu thought this was really reasonable.
She actually wanted to run out in her pyjamas.
If Yun Ting was not around, Lin Mumu would never have been so foolish. Why did she commit a crime today?
After not changing into pyjamas, Lin Mumu forgot to take the computer, mobile phone, and snacks again.
If it wasn’t for Yun Ting’s action, she might have forgotten it.
“You haven’t been greedy lately? Can you even forget snacks?” Yun Ting laughed and teased Lin Mumu.
“Aw~~~~~~~” Baozi suddenly sat on the fender of the car in front of Lin Mumu in a serious manner, and called out to her.
“Hey? What’s wrong with you?”
“He is telling you, you forgot about him too!” Yun Ting responded with a funny face, and the confused version of Lin Mumu was already online.
“Baby Baozi, you are so smart, of course you knew to follow, I feel so proud to be your master.” Lin Mumu’s level of coaxing pets was absolutely top-notch.
Although most animals couldn’t understand human language, Lin Mumu believed that Baozi could.
Look, what she said really made Baozi very happy, and he happily got down from the bender, and after rolling in Lin Mumu’s arms, he took the opportunity to sneak close to Yun Ting’s leg.
This little guy was really like a thief.
Because Lin Mumu leaned against Yun Ting.
It was in Lin Mumu’s arms, so he stretched out its small head to lean against Yun Ting’s thigh, and then hugged it with two claws.
Baozi felt that Yun Ting had glanced at it, and immediately became honest, not daring to go any further. But he insisted on refusing to retreat, and his small eyes were full of flattery.