Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 149

But after that, when Yun Ting left him alone, Baozi continued to push forward, and his entire chubby body climbed onto Yun Ting’s thigh.
Then, like a sloth, his limbs tightly hugged Yun Ting’s thigh.
“Hahaha, Baozi likes you very much.” Lin Mumu looked at Baozi’s stupidity in a good mood.
“Same as you.” Yun Ting ignored the little thing with a mentality of loving the house and its crow.
Baozi really liked Yun Ting, and he won’t let go, even holding his thigh tightly, not even going into the warm embrace of his master.
When he got out of the car, the little guy still wanted to rub against Yun Ting’s arms, but Yun Ting didn’t care, he just picked it up by the soft hair on his neck and threw it into Lin Mumu’s arms.
“Woo~~Woo~~” After being disgusted, Baozi sued to its owner.
“Hey, I’ll give you an apple.” Lin Mumu took out two apples from her bag, one for herself and one for Baozi, and they gnawed on them together.
At this time, the flower and bird market was almost closed, and the customers were almost all gone.
Lin Mumu was really the woman of the hour now, wherever she passed, everyone avoided her.
Yun Ting frowned imperceptibly, why did these people hide from her? Lin Mumu was so cute, why didn’t they like her?
This was not all about the female star!
Thinking of this, Yun Ting casually sent a text message: “Release Xing Xi and Lili’s room opening records properly, and it can be regarded as a lesson for Xing Xi.”
This kind of thing was just a scandal for Xing Xi and would not affect him. It would just add to his handsome, rich second-generation romantic image. But for Lili, it would add fuel to the fire.
Whoever tried to bully Lin Mumu would have to taste the taste of being counterattacked.
Lin Mumu didn’t care about the gazes around her, and she didn’t have time to deal with the social relations of the seven aunts and eight uncles. They avoided her, so she also saved some time.
The location of Lin Mumu’s succulent shop was not good, it was basically in the middle of the lot, to put it bluntly, the customers coming from both sides did not see it on the way, no wonder Hong Xiaoling’s business had not been good before, he had opened the shop almost as a hobby.
Lin Mumu’s ability to make such a shop flourish was considered a skill.
At this moment, An Xiaoqin, Chen Fangya, Liu Yuanyuan, and sister Zhou were all in the store. They really put their heart into the store and wanted to clean it up as soon as possible. Even Su Xinlan came to help because of Lin Mumu.
“Lin Mumu, are you okay!” Seeing Lin Mumu from a distance, Liu Yuanyuan was excited.
“Of course I’m fine, don’t you see who’s back.” Chen Fangya teased Lin Mumu playfully.
“Thank you.” Lin Mumu said with emotion.
“We are all bosses. Of course we will come if something happens. It’s a pity that I wasn’t here this afternoon.” An Xiaoqin felt a little guilty.
“Don’t come, I won’t be able to pay you, Miss An.” Lin Mumu joked with a smile.
Liu Yuanyuan and Sister Zhou often guarded the store because they were being paid, but others did not.
After casually saying hello, Lin Mumu went to work on her potted plants.
Chen Fangya and the others could help with the small plants, but the transplanting and saving of large pots could only be done by Lin Mumu alone.
She was so busy that she even forgot the time.
It was after eight o’clock in the evening, when Yun Ting forcibly carried her away.
“Yun Ting, you let me down, there are outsiders, what do you look hugging me like this?”
“You are my wife, I can hug you whenever I want too.” Yun Ting responded unreasonably.