Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 150

It seemed that it made sense.
For such a long way, he hugged her and walked forward step by step.
The happiest one was Baozi.
It was nestled on Lin Mumu’s stomach, Lin Mumu and Yun Ting’s body were next to each other, so it could lean on Yun Ting’s stomach as well.
At the same time, relying on Lin Mumu and Yun Ting, Baozi felt satisfied, more satisfied than when it was eating fruit.
Lin Tianlang had drove the uneasy Professor Lin over to find them, and they saw them through the glass window.
“Okay, let’s go back.” Professor Lin withdrew his gaze and ordered with a blank expression.
“Master, are you still planning to have Junior Sister divorce Major General Yun?” Lin Tianlang was curious.
“Of course I have to make them get a divorce!” Master said: “What use will he have in three years?”
“But, Junior Sister seems to have a good relationship with Young Master Yun.”
“What do you know?” The old Taoist said with a deep expression on his face, “It is impossible for your junior sister to be with Yun Ting forever. She will return to her own life after all.”
Lin Tianlang said he didn’t understand! There was a mystery in the master’s words, which was too profound.
“Isn’t it good for Junior Sister? Besides, they have consummated their marriage.” Lin Tianlang blessed Lin Mumu and Yun Ting from his heart.
He was a good man to come back at the risk of his life for the sake of Lin Mumu.
In fact, when Lin Mumu was surrounded by reporters, Professor Lin and Lin Tianlang were watching from not far away. But Professor Lin did not allow Lin Tianlang to help.
At that time, Professor Lin said that this was a catastrophe for Lin Mumu’s growth, and she had to face it by herself, otherwise she would be harmed.
As for these photos, if Lin Mumu couldn’t face it, Professor Lin would certainly not let his apprentice be pushed to the forefront and be bullied.
Fortunately, Yun Ting came back, with him around, there really was nothing for them master and apprentice to do.
Lin Mumu cried and ran into Yun Ting’s car. At that time, Professor Lin almost cried too. After all, Lin Mumu, she was the child he brought up with his own hands, he had never let her shed a single tear even when being trapped in the mountains by the formation for more than ten days.
Professor Lin’s mood at that time was also complicated and inexplicable. He obviously felt sorry for his apprentice, and said angrily: “What is this bastard Yun Ting doing, why did he come back so early? Does he think my apprentice can’t deal with such a trivial matter?”
Afterwards, Professor Lin did the same. He was worried about Lin Mumu, so he followed them here.
Now hearing Lin Tianlang mentioning the consummation of the couple’s marriage, Professor Lin became furious again, and gritted his teeth bitterly: “What are you afraid of if their marriage is consummated? Modern people are avant-garde in their thinking. Isn’t it enough to feel passion? There are even strangers in those bars who do that. Everyone can f***, so what if your junior sister is doing the same? It’s just a life experience at most.”
Master’s thinking was really avant-garde! Lin Tianlang’s head was full of question marks, all kinds of puzzles, and he became more and more confused.
“We also need to experience life in the Daoist sect. Your junior sister also has a destined disaster in the world of mortals. She can be tempted and emotional as long as she doesn’t have children.”
“Junior sister’s body has been tampered with, she will not be able to conceive within three years.”
“Does junior sister know?”
“How could I let that silly girl know! After three years, the child must not be a drag on her choice.”
His master’s heart was poked by the needle at the bottom of the sea, he couldn’t guess it!
“Don’t guess, I will tell you when the time comes, you must not talk nonsense to Lin Mumu about this matter.”
Professor Lin glanced at Lin Tianlang: “Your way of Taoism is too weak to understand this, Lin Tianlang. Don’t worry, Yun Ting is one of the rare nobles in our country with purple energy. It is related to the luck of our country. Even if I die, I can’t take action against him.”
“I know, master must be doing it for the benefit of junior sister.”
“I hope she won’t hate me when the time comes.” Thinking of Lin Mumu, Professor Lin felt a little heartache again.