Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 151

“Master, shall we go back to the courtyard?”
“Of course! The purple qi fluctuates, so we can’t take advantage of others.”
“…” Thinking about the reason for the purple qi fluctuation, Lin Tianlang’s expression was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable.
Professor Lin pointed out: “Love, hatred, and desire are all human traits. The so-called Dao follows nature, why can’t you even see through this point? Your junior sister sees it more clearly than you.”
The most heart-wrenching thing was that his junior sister was better than him. What was even more heart-wrenching was that his master always used it to beat him.
Fortunately, Lin Tianlang had a big heart and was used to it.
On the other side, Lin Mumu felt hungry after getting in the car and clamoured for supper.
Yun Ting knew she was hungry a long time ago, but at that time she was busy tossing flowers and plants, forgetting to be hungry and tired.
“Yun Ting, there is a barbecue street between Yanda University and Huada University, shall we go to have supper?” Lin Mumu rubbed Yun Ting’s arm and acted coquettishly.
“Okay.” He couldn’t say anything to Lin Mumu.
“Hehehe…, Yun Ting, you are the most handsome.”
“Well, then don’t run away with others.”
“Of course.” Lin Mumu smiled like a dog.
“Why do I think you will still be abducted?”
“How come?”
“You will be abducted by delicious food.” Yun Ting responded solemnly.
Lin Mumu fell down with a smile: “I guess you are the only one who can tell jokes in a serious manner.”
“What I said is true.” Originally, he thought that the time was almost up, so he planned to pack his little wife back home to eat up.
As a result, he was robbed of his wife by the barbecue supper.
But seeing Lin Mumu eating so happily, Yun Ting couldn’t bear to let her go.
The barbecue street was not a high-end place, nor did it have luxurious decoration, it was just a barbecue stall with a temporary shed behind the stall, a few tables and chairs, and some didn’t even have a shed.
But it was delicious, and it was nevertheless cheap and good.
The location of this barbecue street was good, sandwiched between Yanda University and Huada University, and there were several other schools on the periphery. In the evening, students could form a group to eat barbecue.
Yun Ting was wearing casual clothes, tall and handsome, he was just a clothes rack.
Because Yun Ting came back, Lin Mumu dressed up a little bit as well, wearing a floral fabric dress and black leather sandals, she looked pure and sweet.
Yun Ting put his arms around Lin Mumu’s shoulders, and Lin Mumu hugged the snow-white Baozi. The family looked very harmonious.
Falling in love in college was also a common thing, and it was not surprising for lovers to come out to abuse single dogs together.
“That girl looks familiar.”
“No, that man looks familiar.”
“How do I think he looks so much like the commander of our military training.”
“Don’t be kidding, he just looks alike, how could the commander walk with a female student.”
“No, this girl was having an affair with the army commander at that time.”
Lin Mumu felt a little regretful, she hadn’t had supper yet, and she generated a lot of gossip, all about her and Yun Ting.
Yun Ting was a member of the army, so he should pay attention to the influence of his status.
Lin Mumu was a little aggrieved: “Did I discredit you?”
“No!” Yun Ting pulled Lin Mumu firmly and walked towards the table where Yanda students were watching them.
“Student Zhou Xiaofeng, long time no see, let’s eat together.” Yun Ting said suddenly.
“Ah, oh, good. You, are you really Instructor Yun?”
“Yeah.” Yun Ting nodded: “My wife.”
Lin Mumu was busy ordering barbecue, but her ears pricked up occasionally, she also wanted to know Yun Ting’s attitude towards their marriage.
After all, how should she put it, marrying the Major General was both an honor and a burden. The most direct point was that she may not be able to disclose their marriage casually.
Unexpectedly, Yun Ting was not shy at all: “Take care of my wife more in the future.”
“No problem. Don’t worry, instructor.” The several boys responded heartily.
After that, Yun Ting didn’t stay at the same table with them all the time, but pulled Lin Mumu to the next table, and carefully fed Lin Mumu.