Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 152

Lin Mumu would also take the initiative to feed Yun Ting a piece or two of grilled chicken wings.
As long as it was fed by Lin Mumu, Yun Ting would basically eat it, but he seldom ate it himself. He didn’t like these things very much, and it was not as nutritious as the ones made at home.
But what Lin Mumu fed him must be eaten.
The original discussions were now more about blessings and envy. The students were not as rigid as those in the army.
Although they didn’t know that the wife Yun Ting was talking about was as a legal couple, they thought they were just boyfriend and girlfriend, but they still blessed them with an open mind.
“Our girls at Yanda University are so strong that they can even win the most handsome instructor.”
“This girl is not the school belle.”
“Well, no, our school belle this year should be called An Xiaoqin. Her figure is simply amazing.”
“I heard that An Xiaoqin doesn’t have a boyfriend yet?”
“Yes! Do you dare to go up?”
“Forget it, I still want to live a good life, I don’t want to be a public enemy.”
“That’s right, when I find a girlfriend, I also want to find someone like that, she looks sweet and cute, just look at the mood.”
“Then you go to pry the wall?”
“Don’t be kidding, do you not see the handsome instructor?”
“But we have a high degree of education.”
Lin Mumu suddenly said, “My husband is also a graduate student. Do you think that soldiers don’t go to school now? Military schools are just decorations?”
Lin Mumu robbed him of a sentence, and these people were embarrassed to be caught openly talk about them husband and wife, so they could only eat hastily and walk away.
Regarding Lin Mumu’s active defence, Yun Ting was in a great mood and decided to take her away first.
“But I’m not full~~” Lin Mumu protested.
“Mother Wang left chicken soup at home, you can drink some more when you go back, don’t eat too much at night.”
“I know, I know, Master Yun.”
“Master Yun?”
“You are as verbose as my master, of course it is Master Yun. ” Lin Mumu was almost being dragged into the car, and spoke reluctantly.
“Heh~” Yun Ting didn’t care how she came up with this name, and just told her, “Although barbecue is good, if you eat too much, you won’t be able to eat anything else. Look, you can still eat peaches now, isn’t it better?”
“Yes, although it is good, I can’t hang myself on this tree, life will be perfect when I find a few more boyfriends to comprehend life.” Lin Mumu snarled.
But Yun Ting’s eyes burst into flames, and he dragged her into his arms, and kissed her desperately.
“You are still driving, pay attention to safety.” The seat was cramped, and Lin Mumu could only hug Yun Ting’s neck tightly, not daring to struggle or move, for fear of affecting his driving.
But her whole body was in his arms, as soft as jade, making people want to stop.
Yun Ting regretted his impulsiveness just now, he was just making trouble for himself! But he really enjoyed it.
Especially at this time, Lin Mumu was very well-behaved, lying on his stomach peacefully, which actually strengthened Yun Ting’s courage.
“Do you dare to do it again?” Yun Ting stretched out his hand and patted Lin Mumu’s butt lightly.
“You’re so stingy, I can’t even joke. You are my heart, you are my liver, you are my little sweetheart, I only love you alone, for you alone, I’m willing to give up an entire forest.” Lin Mumu joked casually.
Of course, she said casually before that she had a heart but no courage, no, she didn’t even have a heart, she had long since given it up to Yun Ting.
“That’s good.” Yun Ting hugged Lin Mumu with one hand, let her sit in his arms, and drove with one hand.
Lin Mumu writhed shyly and uneasily, making Yun Ting angry, but he had no choice but to speed up continuously.