Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 155

Lin Mumu went to class humming a ditty, and she was in a good mood.
On the campus, gossip once again exploded overnight.
“Why are there so many indecent videos recently? A girl in our school was also exposed yesterday.”
“Who? Who?”
“I can’t see her face clearly, but she has wounds on her arms and tattoos of roses and skulls. It’s scary.”
“You can’t see the face, what are you talking about? I see, did you see it as a resource?”
“That man can be seen clearly, do you still remember the one who came to arrest An Xiaoqin, a freshman in our school? Just that policeman!”
“Do you think it’s An Xiaoqin? Aren’t they boyfriend and girlfriend?”
“I think it’s really possible.”
“Crap, it’s definitely not Goddess An! I have a stack of photos of her, she wore a sleeveless shirt when she came to report, her arm is white with absolutely no tattoos!”
“That’s right. I have it too. Hehehe.”
A video captured the tattoo, otherwise An Xiaoqin would not have been able to wash the stigma off even by jumping into the Yellow River. After all, that man used to be her boyfriend.
Making a boyfriend was a technical job, and if you don’t make it well, you would be dragged down for a lifetime. Lin Mumu was satisfied with Yun Ting.
After Sun Xiaomei’s Gu worm died, she lay in the school hospital for a few days, and when Yun Ting came back from his mission, someone was sent to “invite” her to cooperate with the investigation.
Although this girl was a student of Yuncheng University, she really hadn’t attended more than a few days of classes.
It was just that she didn’t get much attention, and the absence of such a person, couldn’t cause any disturbance on campus.
What came from the other side was another heavy gossip:
“I heard that Lili was arrested by the police.”
“No, she’s just a butcher. Uh no, how did the celebrity get arrested?”
“I don’t know the details. It is said that she was stealing state secrets. Who knows the inside story, she is a small celebrity, how can she steal state secrets?”
“I think it’s still possible, she might just climb into someone’s bed and seduce them.”
“What you said seems to make sense.”
“There are more lively ones, I don’t know which high-level officer Lili sleep with? This morning, more than a dozen newspaper offices were under investigation, and several of them have already declared bankruptcy.”
“Investigation for what?
“Collecting money to smear other people.”
“These things are still under the government’s control?”
“I heard that some senior military officer was smeared, isn’t this a tiger’s mouth? We are here in the capital Yanjing.”
“Is it so explosive?”
“Shh…, keep your voice down. This matter has not been confirmed yet, and I just heard people say it on the Internet.”
“I saw it too.”
After layers of news spread to her ears while Lin Mumu pushed her bicycle around the campus, she basically got to know what happened yesterday.
There was a warm smile on Lin Mumu’s face, it seemed that Yun Ting had some tricks, and deliberately protected her privacy, even if she involved herself.
In this way, there would be no Yanda girls from the outside world.
Of course, Yun Ting didn’t involve himself in it, but black-bellied Xing Xi.
The incident of Xing Xi being taken away yesterday was such a big deal that it had already spread in the circle. The melon eaters who didn’t know the truth of course thought that it was Young Master Xing who slept with Lili.
Because Young Master Xing was so romantic, who didn’t know that Young Master Xing loved novelty and was an early adopter, and who didn’t know that Lili was the woman whom Young Master Xing favoured.
The cause and effect, just because no one said it clearly, was more likely to lead to speculation.
Anyway, Young Master Xing was determined to take the blame, and he dared not throw it to Yun Ting.