Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 156

When Lin Mumu went downstairs to the teaching building, she saw Chen Fangya, An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan coming down from the dormitory building, and Zhou Qiang was waiting there with breakfast.
“Thank you! Good buddy!” Chen Fangya took the breakfast from Zhou Qiang’s hand, and patted him on the shoulder loudly.
“It’s my pleasure.” Zhou Qiang was a little embarrassed.
Zhou Qiang was tall and burly, and Chen Fangya was had a below average height for girls, and she was a head shorter than Zhou Qiang. It was not easy for her to beat.
But the picture turned out to be quite harmonious.
It was a pity that Chen Fangya was still thinking about Lin Mumu: “I missed you so much. If you were in the dormitory, I would definitely bring breakfast to your room.”
“Okay. Then I will not be polite.”
“When should I be counted as your family?” Chen Fangya quipped.
“I heard you call him buddy just now.”
“Okay then. Lin Mumu, why did you suddenly want to treat me?”
“My husband said you can eat something good if you hit a local tyrant.” Yun Ting was screwed.
There had been a lot of things happening recently, Chen Fangya and the others had suffered a lot for the store, but they never said a word, especially Liu Yuanyuan, who stayed in the store every day, and was pushed so badly by the reporter that day.
And none of them said anything or complain about Lin Mumu, Lin Mumu remembered this in her heart.
For foodie Lin Mumu, the only way she could think of to express her kindness was to invite them to dinner.
As for Zhou Qiang, it was Lin Mumu’s whim.
The professional courses in the morning were Chinese Studies and Introduction to Cultural Relics Appraisal. Although it was An Xiaoqin’s and the others’ professional class, it was also a compulsory course for religious students, so they took it together.
So for the four of them who were in the same dormitory, at least the courses of freshmen and sophomores were basically the same.
Although the introductory knowledge of cultural relic appraisal was boring, it could improve a person’s most basic qualifications.
Lin Mumu had also learned this course in her previous life, but because she had her own way to identify cultural relics, she ignored it.
But now Lin Mumu didn’t think so.
There was no reason for what she did, she could only give the result, but couldn’t tell the reason, and this course could make her results more eloquent, so why not learn it?
Many courses were actually very useful, but she couldn’t use them just because she didn’t study hard or didn’t grasp the essence of them.
Lin Mumu was definitely an obedient student. She listened attentively and took notes carefully, becoming a clear stream in the classroom.
After all, archaeology and identification of cultural relics were different from basic subjects such as Chinese, mathematics, and English. They paid attention to practical operations, and many people were even unwilling to learn this basic course.
For this reason, Lin Mumu was definitely the most eye-catching one.
In particular because she was not a student majoring in cultural relics appraisal.
When it was recess, a boy from cultural relic appraisal came to Lin Mumu to borrow notes.
“This classmate, let me take a look at your notes.”
“I’m sorry, I want to read it myself. If you want to read the notes, why don’t you memorize them in class?” Lin Mumu refused.
It was not that Lin Mumu was unkind, but that the boy named Fang Tianyong didn’t have any kind intentions when he walked over.
Lin Mumu knew his name from An Xiaoqin, who was very gossipy. She heard that this person was a master of cultural relics appraisal. His academic performance was average, but his eyes were like torches.