Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 159

Lin Mumu shrugged helplessly, why were people so difficult to get along with, they could even be offended by such a trivial matter? If they were allowed to make things difficult for Lin Mumu, shouldn’t Lin Mumu be allowed to tell the truth casually?
Fang Tianyong may be really capable, but China was so big and the world was so big, was he allowed to only one capable?
Wasn’t it just to identify an antique? How difficult was it? Taoism studied the art of Qi, people had Qi, and things had Qi, and they could be seen. The ancient things that had been handed down were fundamentally different from the things made in the later period.
Lin Mumu didn’t even bother to tell him that she would be punished by her master if she couldn’t identify these things when she was ten years old.
Lin Mumu, a girl who looked weak and bookish, immediately attracted the attention of everyone in class.
The courses of universities were different from those of high schools. In addition to the division of majors, many courses were opened according to the teachers.
Yanda adhered to the principle of free teaching, and the course design was particularly liberal. For example, this course on the theory of cultural relics appraisal was a compulsory course for several related minor majors, and all students in the school could take it as an elective.
It was just that this course was too cold, and there were not many people who wanted to take it, so the rest were mainly few students majoring in literature.
On the contrary, quite a few people had taken the most mysterious course in this department—Professor Lin Wu’s Daoism Culture. Now they pointed it out immediately: “Isn’t that Lin Mumu, a student of Professor Lin Wu?”
“Yes, I heard that she learned Taoism from elementary school, and she really has some skills.”
“No wonder, I also want to worship Professor Lin Wu’s temperament, the old uncle is a teacher.”
“Lin Mumu is very good, didn’t she get the first place in the liberal arts exam last time? What high scores and low ability, it’s just a few people, I don’t think she is low-energy.”
“High grades and low abilities, isn’t that scolding our entire Yanda University and the Huada University next door? How can there be mistakes in studying hard?”
Fang Tianyong listened to the discussions and his face became more and more ugly, this Lin Mumu, was really something.
Even the teacher started to say in class: “Student Lin Mumu gave us a vivid lesson today, telling us the importance of bookish knowledge. Let’s find out what knowledge points Lin Mumu used just now.”
“Fang Tianyong , you answer.”
“…” Fang Tianyong was completely dumbfounded.
Like Lin Mumu, he was a special recruit who was introduced by his tutor with real skills but did not take the college entrance examination.
But he was different from Lin Mumu, he just handed in a blank paper in the exam! Because he has rejected learning since he was a child.
Now, when the teacher asked him a question, Fang Tianyong, who had a perfect score in practice and zero in theory, could only stare blankly.
“Who will answer?”
“Me!” Liu Yuanyuan raised her hand bravely and answered the question perfectly.
The whole classroom atmosphere became inexplicably awkward.
Especially Fang Tianyong, he always felt that everyone was laughing at him.
After class, Fang Tianyong still didn’t give up, so he took Du Xiaozhou and two other boys to stop Lin Mumu:
“Student Lin Mumu, since your eyesight is so good, why don’t you go to Pan Qiao with us and compare our eyesights?”
Fang Tianyong came out of the antique market, and the most sure thing for him to compete on was naturally the antique market where fish and dragons are mixed.
Lin Mumu shook his head, “I’m not short of money recently, let’s change to another day.”
“Student Lin, why change another day, you have such good eyesight, wouldn’t it be a waste of your talent if you don’t go to Pan Qiao’s side? Pan Qiao is a seller of antiques.” Because of his public embarrassment today, Du Xiaozhou already hated Lin Mumu.