Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 160

Listening to what they said, Chen Fangya’s face became more and more ugly, and she was the first to quit: “Are you men? Can’t you afford to lose? What, you want to fight because you can’t afford to lose?”
Not to mention that Zhou Qiang and others, who were quite loyal, when they heard about fighting, they gathered immediately and surrounded Chen Fangya and Lin Mumu.
An Xiaoqin also got angry: “Aren’t you shameless? You aren’t ashamed to be called a professional with your rubbish. I think you aren’t any better than Su Xinlan. You can’t afford to lose!”
Du Xiaozhou saw that the trouble was getting bigger, especially Zhou Qiang and the others who had put on a fighting stance, and in their professional cultural relics appraisal class, no one planned to support them at all, but many people bowed down under An Xiaoqin’s pomegranate skirt and prepared to support An Xiaoqin. So even if they fought, they couldn’t win.
Du Xiaozhou could only say in a cold voice: “We invited classmate Lin Mumu because we think highly of her. Others want to follow Brother Fang to Pan Qiao, but we don’t take them with us.”
“She is a fellow appraiser, and I want to treat her to a meal.” Fang Tianyong immediately changed his tone.
For a while, there was a moment of silence between the two sides.
When Fang Tianyong said this, it seemed that Chen Fangya, Zhou Qiang and others were making trouble for no reason.
But everyone was not stupid, and they all knew that Fang Tianyong wanted to make things difficult for Lin Mumu, so no one was willing to back down. They just stuck there.
Especially after Chen Fangya got the support of her classmates, she made a gesture of supporting Lin Mumu and refused to suffer any disadvantages.
“What kind of fellow appraiser? Don’t put gold on your face. Our Lin Mumu is a little Taoist nun. Do you want to be a Taoist? Then you have to see if there is a Taoist temple who will take you in. We don’t want philistines in the Department of Religion.”
“How can you talk like that? Don’t think that you can go to heaven by selling a few flowers. Brother Fang can buy a house in Yanjing just by looking for antiques.” Du Xiaozhou always helped.
Chen Fangya’s temper flared and she refused to show weakness: “A house, our Mumu’s husband bought her a whole courtyard house.”
Seeing the two of them quarrelling fiercely, Fang Tianyong couldn’t bear it, and immediately changed his words: “I just admire Lin Mumu’s talent, and I want to invite Lin Mumu to dinner. I remember the second half of the book has its own golden house. In other words, it should be Yan Ruyu in the book.”
Fang Tianyong was really smart, and easily rewrote a difficult situation into a romantic affair in pursuit of a girl.
Lin Mumu just looked at him with a smile: “So you are inviting me to dinner as a male classmate?”
“Of course, as a classmate.” Fang Tianyong slapped even more.
“Then I’m sorry, I already have a husband, so I can’t have dinner with other boys. I don’t need to make appointments anymore.” After finishing speaking, Lin Mumu smiled at him, turned around and left.
Lin Mumu still didn’t forget to pull the short-tempered Chen Fangya along.
Chen Fangya had a somewhat unreasonable personality, and she was still talking about the fight with Fang Tianyong and Du Xiaozhou, and Zhou Qiang couldn’t stop her.
Fortunately, Chen Fangya was afraid of Lin Mumu alone, and was dragged away by Lin Mumu.
Looking at the backs of the four girls leaving from a distance, Du Xiaozhou added fuel to the fire, saying: “Brother Fang, these ladies are too disrespectful to you. They really think that the female college students are so amazing. They might as well be hostesses.”
“Okay, don’t say such things on campus from now on, order 999 roses for me, and let the store send nine roses to Lin Mumu on a regular basis every day.”
“Brother Fang, you aren’t serious, are you?”