Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 161

Lin Mumu and the others were still thinking about eating, she had made an appointment with Yun Ting, and he should be waiting for her now.
Seeing Yun Ting’s black AD from a distance, Lin Mumu waved towards him.
“Why did you come here?” Yun Ting naturally held Lin Mumu’s hand in his palm. There was a bit of wind in early autumn, and Lin Mumu’s hand was a little cold.
“I was asked a few questions by my classmates.” Lin Mumu was about to reveal it.
“What! Young Master Yun, someone insisted on treating your girlfriend to dinner, and even tried to force her to do so.” An Xiaoqin was not afraid of big things at all.
“Who?” Yun Ting raised his eyebrows, he knew that his Mumu was so cute, men all over the world must want to grab his woman from him!
In fact, he just felt good about himself…
“Our professional course’s Fang Tianyong, and he has a skill or two in appraising antiques.”
Yun Ting didn’t say anything, but held Lin Mumu’s hand silently, no one could see what was on his mind.
Only Lin Mumu, after guessing for a few minutes, scratched Yun Ting’s palm: “Let’s go, I’m hungry, you agreed to invite the people in our dormitory to dinner.”
“Hmm…?” Yun Ting had already noticed Zhou Qiang, who was tall, strong, and very sunny and energetic.
Zhou Qiang was the type that female students tended to like!
“He is Chen Fangya’s family member, and he is also a member of our dormitory.”
“If there is no room for me, I won’t go.” Zhou Qiang also noticed that Yun Ting’s car seemed to only accommodate four people.
“It’s okay, you sit in the passenger seat, and we four girls can squeeze together.” Lin Mumu suggested.
Just at this time, a voice came: “Second brother, second sister-in-law, you’re going out to eat, take me with you, I can come in my car.” Lin Mumu smiled with crooked eyebrows.
The last time Qiu Jun helped Lin Mumu, Lin Mumu still remembered it.
Qiu Jun’s admiration for Yun Ting was something that everyone in Yanjing knew, so Lin Mumu didn’t mind helping him, it was just right that they could eat together, anyway they wouldn’t eat as much as she did anyway.
As a result, Lin Mumu still sat in Yun Ting’s passenger seat, while Zhou Qiang, Chen Fangya, Liu Yuanyuan, and An Xiaoqin squeezed into Qiu Jun’s car.
Fortunately, they themselves didn’t want to ride with Yun Ting, they were too nervous! Yun Ting’s low air pressure was not something ordinary people could bear, except for the little forest monsters.
But Qiu Jun was different. He was a student of Huaxia University. He had a bold and enthusiastic personality and a great sense of humour.
In order to be able to join Brother Yun’s team as the sixth child, Qiu Jun also worked hard and spared no effort to make friends with the second sister-in-law’s roommates.
“What did you just say, someone bullied my second sister-in-law?”
“That’s right!” Chen Fangya and An Xiaoqin told him what happened just now.
“Come on, leave this matter to me. We can’t let the second sister-in-law be bullied.” Qiu Jun picked up his phone and dialled a number.
“What did you do?”
“It’s nothing, I just showed mercy and helped Fang Tianyong, and sent a challenge to our talented sister Ouyang, who majored in cultural relics appraisal at Huada University, on his behalf.”
“It’s too bad, I like it!” An Xiaoqin thought. Being flexible, she immediately guessed the drama of his misfortune.
“But Fang Tianyong is very good, what if he wins?” Liu Yuanyuan was a little anxious.
“Impossible. In terms of ancient cultural relic appraisal, no one in China can win against Ouyang Lina. She is the direct disciple of Mr. Ouyang. You just wait and watch the show. I will let you know if there is any movement.”