Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 162

Lin Mumu was a little tired, leaning on the cushion and squinting for a while.
Yun Ting stretched out a hand and lightly tugged on her shoulder.
Lin Mumu habitually tilted to the left, just on Yun Ting’s shoulder.
Yun Ting didn’t take back her hand, just wrapped his hand around her like this, and then drove with one hand.
Although the journey was short, Yun Ting still enjoyed playing so much that when he got off the car, Yun Ting didn’t change his posture.
When Lin Mumu woke up in a daze, he had a serious face, as if to say: Look at me, whether you are asleep or not, lean on me when you are asleep.
Lin Mumu couldn’t remember what happened after she fell asleep, she rubbed her dazed head, pretending she didn’t know anything with a guilty face.
Although Xiao Baozi knew about her master’s innocence and a certain guy’s black belly, he couldn’t open his mouth, let alone offend Yun Ting.
“Wow, Young Master Yun is so amazing, you actually invited us to eat Jiangnan grilled fish. You don’t know. This restaurant has become popular all over China recently. You have to pay for a seat reservation. It’s a scam.” An Xiaoqin said as she knew the goods.
Qiu Jun looked proud: “Of course, it doesn’t matter who makes the move, he is Brother Yun.”
“It’s a pity that Brother Yun already has Sister Lin.” An Xiaoqin rebuked him: “Your dedication plan is in vain. Tell you, Lin Mumu is covered by me, don’t even think about Lin Mumu’s man.”
“…” Qiu Jun was really speechless: “I am a man.”
“A man is more terrifying, don’t think that I don’t know what you think.”
“I really don’t. Second sister-in-law, you have to trust me.” Qiu Jun also had a lively personality, knowing that An Xiaoqin was joking, he turned to Lin Mumu for help.
Lin Mumu curled her lips: “How do I know what happened between you both before? How do I know what you think in your heart now?”
Qiu Jun was fine. Yun Ting had just locked the car, and when he heard Lin Mumu’s words, he was so angry that black lines appeared on his face: “Is that why you don’t believe me?”
“Believe you, I just don’t believe him.”
“Qiu Jun, did you hear that?”
“Go back to school”
It was Lin Mumu who laughed, and boldly poked Yun Ting’s palm: “Aren’t you guilty of driving him away?”
Yun Ting became even more depressed, and ordered Qiu Jun with a dark face: “Come here, just go after dinner!”
“Okay. Don’t worry, sister-in-law, I will be your follower from now on. If you say go east, I will never go west.”
Seeing Yun Ting walking into the restaurant together holding Lin Mumu’s hand, Qiu Jun’s eyes sparkled, as if seeing new hope in life.
It turned out that Brother Yun also had a weakness, and that was Lin Mumu!
As long as his sister-in-law recognized him, and he didn’t offend Brother Yun’s thunder point, was there hope for him to become a regular?
Qiu Jun was in high spirits.
Speaking of which, in the face of Yun Ting, a major general who could overwhelm others with a single stare, Zhou Qiang was the most stressed.
Because Yun Ting was a little hostile to Zhou Qiang before, he “cared” for him a little more.
Fortunately, Chen Fangya took the initiative to talk to him, which helped him relieve some pressure.
In the end, Chen Fangya had no choice but to hold Zhou Qiang’s hand lovingly.
In this way, Zhou Qiang was even more stressed!
No, it was electricity.
Fortunately, Chen Fangya just dragged him into the restaurant, and let go when they got to the seat.
Otherwise, Zhou Qiang’s face could have been made into Lin Mumu’s first dish – grilled shrimp on a hot plate.
“I don’t know when, this Jiangnan grilled fish restaurant suddenly became popular. It’s so amazing. Why didn’t I think that the fish could be grilled and put into the hot pot ingredients?” An Xiaoqin said with emotion.