Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 163

Liu Yuanyuan gave her the popular science lesson helplessly: “In the countryside of our Qiongzhou, this kind of thing has long been available.”
“The last time I was in the mountains, I caught a little black bear.” Lin Mumu added.
“You’re a foodie!” An Xiaoqin and Chen Fangya said in unison.
Lin Mumu didn’t argue with them, just waited for the food to be served and concentrated on eating.
Considering Lin Mumu’s big appetite, Yun Ting ordered more dishes on purpose.
Jiangnan Grilled Fish was a newly established store. It was not originally a high-end restaurant, so there were no private rooms, but two floors with many seats.
The decoration was somewhat elegant from the standard of southern cities, but it was a pity that there were no private rooms, and meals must be eaten in the hall.
This way, everyone who came and went could see them.
Although their table was in the unremarkable corner by the window on the second floor, it was still noticed by those who cared.
No, there was a beautiful woman twisting her sexy waist, oh, they all knew this beautiful woman, the sexy actress Lily, the one who was just released from the police station.
“Young Master Yun, we met again. What happened last time was my fault. I shouldn’t have offended you. I came here to apologize to you.”
With Lily’s shining electric eyes, exaggerated E cup bust, and sexy small waist, she was about to twist onto Yun Ting’s body.
Just as Lin Mumu finished eating a fish, she flicked the fish bone to the woman’s chest.
Pitifully she was wearing a dress with a deep v-line. The gully where the cle***ge used to be was now stuffed with a dirty and oily fish bone. Why was her aim so good?
Lin Mumu was not a fuel-efficient lamp, what cats and dogs could rub against her man?
She just stretched out a foot casually, and Miss Lily, who wanted to continue to rub against Yun Ting, accidentally tripped and fell to the ground like a dog.
“Waiter, someone fell down, take her to the hospital quickly.” Qiu Jun cooperated perfectly.
“Young Master Yun.” Lily knew how to pretend to be pitiful, and looked at Yun Ting affectionately after falling down.
“I think your body is dirty. If you still want to continue filming, don’t appear in front of us husband and wife.” Yun Ting didn’t give her any face.
Lily was so angry that her face turned green, and she could only let the waiter help her away.
Her current distressed appearance, greasy chest, messy hair, and scratched black stockings were indeed not suitable for continuing to hook up with men.
After Lily left, Lin Mumu greeted Qiu Jun, took the initiative to change places with him, moved away from Yun Ting, and wrote a few words in her eyes: “I think it’s dirty.”
Yun Ting’s lips slightly raised, then he stood up, and patted An Xiaoqin who was sitting beside Lin Mumu.
An Xiaoqin resignedly changed seats with him. Who made this person be such a big boss.
Lin Mumu knew that if she changed seats, Yun Ting would follow, so she simply ignored him and just ate the fish and shrimp by herself.
Yun Ting was a very patient person, and he helped Lin Mumu peel off the shrimps.
Lin Mumu had no immunity to the shrimp that had only flesh but no skin or head, so she secretly snatched it away with chopsticks.
Yun Ting took the opportunity to pinch her chopsticks with his chopsticks.
Lin Mumu seemed to be caught as a thief, but in fact Yun Ting’s shrimp was peeled for Lin Mumu, they both knew it, but Yun Ting put it in his own bowl.
What was the situation now?
Lin Mumu hummed unwillingly.
Unfortunately, in terms of chopstick skills and arm strength, Lin Mumu lost to Yun Ting completely.