Novel Name : Major General's Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 164

Yun Ting picked up the shrimp meat and brought it to Lin Mumu’s lips.
Lin Mumu was so arrogant, but she didn’t turn her head away.
Yun Ting simply put the piece of shrimp meat into her mouth, then hugged Lin Mumu violently, and personally fed her with his lips and tongue.
Lin Mumu was so embarrassed, she didn’t dare to escape this time, she obediently grabbed the shrimp, and pushed Yun Ting away smoothly.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone touch me again.” Yun Ting took the opportunity to whisper in Lin Mumu’s ear, “But I prefer to be protected by Madam Yun.”
“Hmph, who wants to protect you. I have a dog nose, you smell of other people on your body, and you can’t hide it from me.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t let Qiu Jun approach me.” Yun Ting sometimes joked.
Qiu Jun, who was eating, was shot while lying down suddenly.
Lin Mumu’s mood finally improved, and she began to eat her food.
It was just that Yun Ting stood up at this moment and walked to another table not far from them.
Lin Mumu had good observation skills, she remembered that Lily was at that table before, eating with a middle-aged man.
After Lily came over to apologize, the middle-aged man didn’t respond at all. Lin Mumu had long suspected that that person had impure motives.
After Yun Ting passed by, he didn’t say much, just punched the wooden table.
Following Yun Ting’s move, the soup in the grilled fish dish and the grilled fish that had been eaten by a few bites all flew towards the man opposite, making his whole body and face look embarrassed.
The man didn’t say anything, and left in a hurry.
“Wow, Major General Yun is so handsome! No, I will find such a handsome man in the future!” Chen Fangya looked like a fan girl.
“That’s right, that’s right, he’s just an idol. Director Lu deserves it, he’s doing it for himself, he uses his artists as weapons, but in fact, this old thing is a villain.” An Xiaoqin revealed the identity of that person.
“Director Lu?”
“It’s the director of AC Film and Television.”
“No wonder he didn’t dare to talk back. It turned out to be a mistake.” Lin Mumu understood in an instant. Director Lu called her for the first time about letting Lin Mumu play the heroine. Then he told Lily to come to the door.
Obviously these things had nothing to do with Director Lu.
Life was like a play, he was directing, while Lily was just acting. No wonder Yun Ting attacked him regardless of his status.
An Xiaoqin explained to Lin Mumu: “Look at it, the news that he offended Young Master Yun spread quickly today, and he won’t be able to get investment in the future.”
“Yun Ting has such a charm?” Eyes flooded, she thought Yun Ting would let Director Lu go just like that.
It turned out that he was touching his bottom line, which made him unable to survive in Yanjing.
“Of course I have. Brother Yun is NO.1 in Yanjing, otherwise how could he become my idol.”
Qiu Jun also looked like a fanboy: “I want to be as handsome as Brother Yun in the future, and I have to find someone who is as beautiful as my sister-in-law.”
As soon as Yun Ting came back, he heard Qiu Jun’s words, and his heart was a little stuffy. These little guys wanted to find someone like Lin Mumu. His Mumu was so cute. A wolf might take her away.
Qiu Jun didn’t know that he had flattened himself on the horse’s leg. Brother Yun, whom he had been thinking about so much, was now frantically treating him as a potential rival in love.
Lin Mumu watched Yun Ting come back with a serious face and continued to peel the shrimp for herself, and couldn’t help laughing: “Yun Ting, you looked so handsome just now.”
The same sentence, why did Lin Mumu say it like that? Was it pleasing to the ear?
The corners of Yun Ting’s lips curled up slightly, and he said a shameless “hmm”.

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